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Real talk with nannies


Real Talk: My tricks for handling toddler temper tantrums

Does your child throw tantrums in public? I know a thing or two about that. Love, protection and limits. It's the perfect trilogy. Above all things, we desire to manifest the love we feel towards our children, and consequently, we protect them from all harm, even from themselves. However... more

Conversaciones reales con niñeras: ¿Cómo empoderar las emociones de los niños?

En el mundo de hoy, aprendemos rápidamente que es nuestro deber proteger a nuestros niños y que si lloran, debemos hacer algo inmediatamente para hacerlos sonreír o por lo menos que dejen de llorar. El llanto de un niño puede ser visto como una señal de que estamos haciendo algo... more

Real talk with nannies: 20 tips for getting your first nanny job

Care.com recently posted the question: “What advice would you give a caregiver just starting out?”  Here are my 20 tips for getting your first job as a child caregiver, based on my 10+ years of experience as a nanny: Spell check all communication. Check and double check your profile, applications and... more


Real Talk: My tips on taking charge of your caregiving career

Care.com recently posted the question “What advice would you give a caregiver just starting out?”  Here are some tips I have for someone who is just starting out or even someone who has been a Nanny for years: KNOW YOUR WORTH: You will meet prospective employers/clients who... more

On the Park Bench: A nanny’s top 4 tips for new nannies

A professional caregiver, Krista C. says she learned a lot about advocating for herself from watching “Judge Judy.” Some of the TV judge’s cases included disputes between nannies and their employers. A lack of clear expectations on both sides was often the source of the conflict. That’s why Krista... more

Real Talk with Nannies: How to empower your child's emotions

In today's world, we quickly learn that it is our duty to protect our kids. If they cry, we must do something immediately to make them smile or at least to make them stop crying. The cry of a child can be seen as a sign that we are... more


Charla Real: Mis trucos para manejar las rabietas del niño pequeño

¿Tu niño o niña de corta edad tiene rabietas en público? Yo sé una que otra cosa al respecto. Amor, protección y límites. Es la trilogía perfecta. Por sobre todas las cosas deseamos manifestar el amor que sentimos hacia nuestros niños y en consecuencia, los protegemos de todo aquello que... more

Babysitters, Housekeepers, and Nannies Can Make More Money This Holiday Season By Following This Simple Guide

It’s that time of year. Between hectic school schedules, holiday parties at home and at work, after-school activities, and family obligations, families need more help than ever…and they’re hiring now. More than half of the families responding to Care.com’s 2018 Holiday Hiring Survey—54 percent—say they wish they had more... more