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Care options - Nanny shares

What every nanny needs to know about nanny shares

The percentage of families seeking a nanny share jumped 23 percent between 2015 and 2016 alone, according to Care.com data. It’s a job high in demand, but how exactly does a nanny share work? And how can it benefit you as a nanny? Here’s what you need to know... more

How to find, interview for and land a nanny share job

The benefits of working in a nanny share are clear: You can earn more caring for multiple families without necessarily having to increase your hours. But finding a nanny share that works for you and everyone involved is often not as straightforward. To start, nanny shares involve at least three... more

4 keys to success in a nanny share job

Even if you have years of experience as a nanny, working in a nanny share can feel like an entirely new venture. You have to work with multiple parents and kids, which means learning how to balance and meet everyone’s needs at once. While it can take some work to... more

Is a nanny share right for you?

  Finding the right child care option for your family can be overwhelming. Many parents find that they have to decide between hiring a live-in nanny or enrolling in day care, with neither feeling quite right. Fortunately, there’s a middle ground that can provide a high level of personal attention along... more

How much does a nanny share cost?

You may have heard that sharing a nanny is a great way to save money on child care. It’s true! A nanny share often costs less than paying for a traditional child care center or for a private nanny, but exactly how much money could a nanny share save you... more

How to write a nanny resume to wow any family [with resume template]

By providing more personalized attention than a daycare facility and taking on more household responsibilities than a babysitter, nannies have one of the broadest and most dynamic job descriptions of any caregiver. What you’ll include on a nanny resume while job hunting will depend a lot on the circumstances. Reading... more

How do you manage expenses in a nanny share?

By this stage in the game, you’ve found a partner family and the nanny for your nanny share. You’ve started to talk about what the nanny’s hourly rate might be and other questions about cost -- like who pays when one share family buys an extra car seat or when one... more

Setting up your nanny share: the 10 most common mistakes to avoid

Care.com interviewed parents across the country to find out the biggest mistakes they’ve made when setting up their nanny shares. Read through their experiences and tips so you can avoid similar pitfalls. Mistake #1: Finding the Nanny First, Instead of the Other Family It's typically easier to hire... more