Hiring an au pair

What is an au pair? Here's everything you need to know

Finding affordable and qualified caregivers for children can be overwhelming. Anyone on the child care hunt for a while will likely come across day care centers, babysitters and nannies who all offer the help parents need. But sometimes a more affordable, home-based care is desired. While babysitters and nannies are... more

On the Park Bench: A nanny’s tips for finding and keeping the ‘one’ (perfect family, that is)

Finding that special someone to love can be difficult. Finding that special family to work for long-term can be just as hard. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Austin-area caregiver Cristy D. From her first gig as an au pair 12 years ago to her current full-time... more

Want to hire an au pair? Ask yourself these 5 questions first

Heard of au pairs but not quite sure what hiring one entails — or even if it's the right child care solution for your family? Indeed, au pairs are a great option those in need of in-home child care for their kids. But they're a bigger commitment than hiring babysitters or nannies, largely... more

Live-in nanny vs. au pair: What's the difference?

The main difference between a live-in nanny and an au pair is that a nanny is a professional child care provider who is usually from your town (or at least from the United States) and has decided to make a career of caring for children. Au pairs are young people between... more

Child care choices: Au pair, day care or nanny?

Love. You knew you loved your child the moment you held them in your arms. You've rocked, soothed, shushed and cuddled your heart out. You've had their puke, tears and poo on your finest clothes and barely batted an eye. Yes, your child has become as important to... more

9 ways to make better — and safer — hiring decisions

Care.com strives to give you powerful tools that can help you to make the best hiring decision possible. Whether you're searching for a nanny, babysitter, pet sitter, housekeeper, senior care provider, etc., we know how hard it can be to find the right person to fill that job... more