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Cost of senior care

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The Cost of Senior Care

Review the estimated costs of different types of elder care as well as what might be covered by Medicaid and Medicare. You've done the research, and talked to friends, family and trusted doctors. You and your elderly parent have decided which type of care is best. But, there's so much... more

Tips to Help Plan to Pay for Senior Care

How to plan for the unexpected. Tough time talking money? It's one of those thorny subjects that adult children and their parents often avoid -- to everyone's detriment. Americans, particularly those who came of age during World War II, tend to view money as a private matter. But it... more

Should You Consider Switching Pharmacies to Save Money?

Cheaper prescriptions may come at a higher price. Most seniors are careful with managing their money, and prescription drugs offer some wiggle room when trying to find the best deal for their budget. With many older Americans changing their Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage plans at least annually, it’s... more