Child development

My son has become friends with his babysitter, and now I have to tell him she’s leaving

Potty training. Stranger danger. Cyberbullying. To this list of universal sources of parenting dread, I’ll add one more: saying goodbye to your child’s caregiver.  “C” has taken care of my now-5-year-old son for at least a few hours almost every week since he was 3 years old. For the... more

25 free educational websites for kids

Kids and screens. Sometimes they’re more of an iconic duo than parents and caregivers would like. Seeing little ones glued to tablets, phones or computers with that look in their eyes — you know the one — rarely produces warm and fuzzy feelings for the people who are caring for... more

10 best toys for 9-month-old babies

Your 9-month-old's attention span is growing, and it may be a struggle to keep them entertained. At this age, babies are beginning to demonstrate more advanced skills, like clapping their hands, pulling themselves up to stand and crawling. As they become more proficient in using their body and their... more

20 ‘girl power’ quotes for raising confident girls

From the time we’re born, we’re taught that girls and boys are different. We see it everywhere: the baby clothes aisle where one side is pink and the other side blue, the toy store where the trucks and dinosaurs are kept separate from the dolls and art supplies, the tea... more

10 baby walker toys to help get your child moving

Not long after your baby impresses you by pulling themselves up to stand on their own, they'll be using arm chairs, coffee tables, ottomans — you name it — to get from point A to point B (even if A to B is only in a circle). Instead of limiting baby’s movement... more

16 sensory activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Sensory activities for toddlers and preschoolers provide fun, educational and unique ways for little kids to learn about the world around them. And the good news for parents and caregivers is that there are a million ways to provide this sensory play for toddlers and few ways to do it... more

How to keep fighting between siblings from getting out of hand

Just as you get annoyed with your partner for constantly leaving dirty socks on the floor, siblings often get irked with each other. The only difference? The latter is more likely to result in tears, a yelling match and possibly thrown Legos. (Not to mention, it seems to be constant... more

What anti-racist child care looks like, why it’s important and how to find it

I’ve worried about preparing my children for a world that normalizes their mistreatment based on their skin color since before they were born. And now that I have one — and soon to be two — preschool-aged children, my quest to find programs and child care that go beyond tolerating... more