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Advice for child caregivers


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Becoming a nanny...What are some pointers? What are the big differences between just a babysitter and full time nanny?

I am new to the nanny world and becoming a nanny for a family. I have been a babysitter several times for many different families (not on care.com). I am just looking for some pointers/advice/guidance when it comes to being and becoming a full time nanny for... more


87 answers

How can I convince parents to pay me legally vs. under the table?

Any advice on the best way to approach this conversation?


22 answers

How to find a job more easily??

I'm 17 years old and I've been babysitting for a while, I've been looking for a job so I joined Care.com, but I've been having a hard time finding one, how can I find a job more easily? I need this job really badly to... more


107 answers

What resources do I have when leaving a bad family?

I am leaving a family which has been a horrible experience. I have had trouble with communication, constantly being called off, never find out my start time till the day before each day and the time off while I am working that day, on top of it she'll be... more


47 answers

For normal child care aka. In-home, do I need any certifications or licenses?

I'm not sure if it's required or just preferred by the parents... Also, what about taxes.


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What should I wear to a Nanny interview?

I'm meeting a family tomorrow to discuss the Nanny position. Should I dress professional, like a really nice dress? Or should I dress casual? This would be my first interview for a Nanny position.


12 answers

Babysitting with parents in the home. What are your experiences?

I only ask because I know I've been with families who have one parent working in the home and just need assistance with their children. Now if you've seen my other questions they all flow or relate to each other some way, but I want to branch off here... more


9 answers

New to Nannying

Hello! I have never nannied before and although I babysat kids when I was in high school I no longer have any references because I haven't babysat in 7+ years. I love hanging out with kids so nannying seems like it would be a great gig for me. Any... more