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Advice for child caregivers

Raising the voices of caregivers

Caregivers support our families and allow others to go to work, but they often have to battle for respect. Let’s change that. Ten years ago, I helped start the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) because my life has been so profoundly affected by caregivers, beginning when I was just a... more

101 Fun Things to Do With Kids This Summer

Try these 101 ideas to keep kids from getting bored and to create memories that they'll have for a lifetime (or at least for that first day of school when they're asked "what did you do this summer?"). Want help making your way through this list? Print it out... more


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📣 Greater NYC area caregivers: Care.com wants to meet YOU! 📣

We're putting on a caregiver meet-up in your area soon! Can you help us plan? We'd love to know what you want to learn or talk about. Send your ideas our way in the comments below.


101 Funny Jokes for Kids

Got a little class clown on your hands? Here are 101 funny jokes for kids of all ages. One of the best parts of parenthood is getting to watch your child develop their own sense of humor. You get to see them work through the logic of different punchlines and discover what... more

Care.com and Scams: How to Avoid Babysitting Scams

Protect yourself when you're looking for a nanny, babysitter or caregiving job. Unfortunately, online scams and fraud are becoming more common. And among those that fraudsters are targeting are people who are looking for nanny jobs, babysitting jobs, and senior care jobs. Online safety is extremely important to us... more

Jobs With Babies: 15 Great Career Options to Work With Babies

Can't get enough of little ones? These 15 jobs will give you lots of hands-on time with newborns and infants. If you love infants and are looking for a new career, options abound for jobs with babies. But passion alone won't make you succeed. "Infants are beautiful and... more

How to Get a Teen Babysitting Job

These are the 13 steps you need to take to become a great babysitter -- and land an even greater babysitting job. Allowance not cutting it anymore? Are your parents after you to learn about responsibility and get a job? Babysitting could be the answer. Babysitting is a great job -- especially... more

25 Fun Babysitting Games to Play on the Job

Here's a little creative inspiration for your next babysitting job — or the next time a sitter watches your kids. It's only natural for some children to feel a bit leery of spending time with a babysitter while mom and dad are away — especially if it's their first time... more