Why We Care: Sarah M., Caregiver for Pets With Special Needs

As part of our "Why We Care" series, we feature Sarah, a special-needs pet caregiver and Millennial champion of vulnerable creatures. One night this past winter, Sarah M. came home to find a package on the doorstep. “There was a shoebox on the porch, so I opened it,” Sarah... more

Real Story Spotlight: Using Past Experiences to Build a Career as a Caregiver

As part of Care.com's series "Real Story Spotlight," we spoke to senior care provider Andrea G. about her experience taking care of people in need. Austin, TX - "Taking care of people in need is a grand vocation for me. Many people end up sick or in need of care at least... more

Real Story Spotlight: “I didn’t choose caregiving as a profession— it chose me.”

We talked to Maria E., a senior care provider in Los Angeles, CA, about how she embarked on her caregiving journey.  Los Angeles, CA – “I never meant to be a caregiver. Don’t get me wrong, I always had an affinity for the elderly. I adored my grandparents and was the first person to carry older folk’s groceries... more


Real Story Spotlight: “The sense of accomplishment kids feel at the gym can really change them to want to help themselves as well as others.”

Milo V., a children’s fitness instructor in Austin, TX, chats with Care.com about how his profession allows him to set children up for a healthy lifestyle.   Austin, TX - "I work with kids helping them feel accomplished and in control of their health and fitness.  We feel that kids need to get out. They... more


Real Story Spotlight: Treating Animals with Mutual Respect

We talked to Brittany H., a pet care provider in Denver, CO, about how her passion for pets helps her giver back to her community. Denver, CO – “When I was looking to pay off my student loans four years ago, I didn’t really have a lot of extra time for another part-time job since I... more

Real Story Spotlight: “Watching them recover and become happy in their lives really feeds my soul.

Whitney W., a pet care provider in Portland, OR, tells Care.com about why her love for working with animals. Portland, OR - “When I was little, folks called me the “animal whisperer” because animals loved me. Somehow I just “got” them. It didn’t take long for me to start providing pet care... more

Real Story Spotlight: “With dogs and animals in general, one must show boundaries but love at the same time.”

Jonas B. from Austin, TX joins Care.com's "Real Story Spotlight" series to share his story about his passion for working with animals. Austin, TX - "I give misunderstood beings a second chance. I started working with coyotes and wolves in a zoo in Alamogordo, New Mexico when I was 9 years old. ... more


Real Story Spotlight: “I think the most important thing that children learn studying music is self-confidence through practice and creative expression.”

As part of Care.com's series "Real Story Spotlight," we talked to music teacher Adrienne L. about having fun while working hard to reach her goals. Columbus, OH – “I teach music lessons (beginning piano, flute, clarinet, and saxophone) to students from 5th-12th grade. I have been teaching private music lessons since 1998... more