7 Questions You Should Ask Before Relocating for Work

Moving, for anyone, can be a challenge. Add the prospect of relocating to a new area for a job, and you’re upping the ante on the stress levels for you and your family. But, by asking your employer the right questions, you can set yourself up for a smoother transition... more

FMLA at 25: Time to Get Paid?

Rewind to 1993. Ah. The year of denim, “The X-files,” and when buying a movie ticket cost you a solid $4.14. But it’s also the year when something very important happened for families. Any guesses? Alright, fine, the answer’s in the headline. Yes, on August 5, 1993, the... more


Building the Care Economy

Watch Care.com Founder, Chairwoman and CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo discuss the company's role -- from developing products to driving public policy -- in creating a care infrastructure that sustains us all.  As Millennials enter parenthood and Boomers age into retirement, our care needs are greater than ever and growing bigger... more

9 Ways the Cost of Child Care Affects Working Parents' Careers

Whether cutting back or doubling down on hours, finding new jobs or withdrawing from the workforce, there is no denying that child care – and, specifically, the cost of care – is having an impact on the careers of working parents today.   In fact, according to Care.com’s second... more

Democrats Introduce Plan to Address Cost of Child Care

The Child Care for Working Families Act, a new proposal backed by 27 Senate Democrats, is an ambitious plan to address the quality, availability and cost of child care for American families. A year after a presidential election in which child care policy took center stage, Democrats have introduced a... more

How to Actually Work from Home on a Snow Day - and Be Productive

When meteorologists warn of blizzard conditions, chaos ensues. Schools announce closings. Storm warnings leap into in effect. Milk, bread and eggs disappear from supermarket shelves.  And, in major metros, offices close, meetings are rescheduled and professionals hunker down to work from home.But snow days don’t have to bury business... more

5 Ways Older Workers Can Combat Age Discrimination in 2017

Whether you’re re-entering the work world after retirement, or are energized and simply dedicated to your nine-to-five, there are a lot of 50-plus employees making up the workforce. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got it easy. In fact, ageism and age discrimination are alive and well in our offices. “Older workers are... more

What Every Family Needs to Know About Ivanka Trump’s Child Care Plan

Breaking down the tax policy jargon to understand Ivanka Trump’s child care plan.   We’re just a few months into the Trump era, but already, first daughter Ivanka Trump has a signature issue: She has repeatedly declared her support for making child care more affordable. During her father’s presidential run... more