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Managing your housekeeper

The Care.com Home Binder

Don't have time for a "family meeting"? Use these printable checklists to organize your family and caregivers.         As a parent, you wear many hats when it comes to organizing your family. You want to make sure everyone can contribute to planning weekend activities and what... more

Housekeeping Checklist

Keep track of the cleaning process when you're not home.     Looking for a way to keep track of what your housekeeper did while you were out? Use this Housekeeping Checklist to have your house cleaner, housekeeper or cleaning company let you know what jobs they covered. Keep... more

Housekeeper Safety: What to do with Fido When She Arrives?

How to get your house cleaned when you have a pet at home. What do you do when you've hired the perfect housekeeper but she's afraid of dogs? Or, perhaps your new cleaner does a great job and offers reasonable rates but he's allergic to cats and... more

Communicating with Your Cleaning Service

How to stay in touch with a housekeeping company and ensure your needs are met. Housecleaning companies typically have systems in place for scrubbing a house. If you're thinking of hiring a cleaning company -- or have already hiring one -- you should be able to communicate your own needs and... more


Why the Fair Care Pledge Matters

Learn why you should join us and take the pledge to value, professionalize and respect the people who care for our children, loved ones and our homes.  We want what’s best for our children. We take pride in taking care of our homes. And we respect our elders. We work... more

8 Things Your Housekeeper Won't Tell You

What secrets is your cleaning person not sharing and why?     You have a wonderful relationship with your housekeeper. After all, you’re opening up your home to her, letting her clean all your nooks and crannies and trusting her presence there while you’re out. But what you may not... more

How Much Do the Holidays Cost?

A new Care.com survey found out just how much people are willing to pay for services -- and what they really tip -- at the holidays. Child Care When Should You Hire a Holiday Babysitter? According to 2016 Care.com job post data, the weekend two weeks before Christmas was the most... more

9 Ways to Use Holiday Help After the Big Day

Bring your home back to normal -- without going crazy -- with a few extra hands.     Santa and his holiday help have gone on their merry way. The gifts have all been opened. Dinner is done. Everyone is in a state of complete satiated bliss. Except you. > Find extra holiday... more