How to find pet care jobs

Want to work with animals? 11 jobs that offer fur full-time

The day you realize you can’t make a living snuggling your pets in bed is a sad day indeed. But with a pile of bills to pay and a life-long connection to animals, you can consider a career where you can be surrounded by fur full-time. A veterinarian may be... more

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Your Spelling and Grammar Checklist

17 common errors that can prevent you from getting a job.     Did you know that using too many exclamation points or misspelled words can cost you a job? Over and over again, families complain about one thing: caregivers with sloppy profiles and messages with lots of errors. Your... more

Why Are There Spam Jobs on

The answer: It's not spam, it's the Job Wizard! Have you been looking for a job on and noticing that some of the openings sound a little similar or generic? Don't worry, it's not spam! has a Job Wizard to help families... more

11 steps to starting your own pet care business

Pet care is a billion-dollar industry, but tapping into it is easier said than done. Making the transition from pet lover to pet care pro means figuring out the licenses, certifications, start-up costs and payroll considerations. A little soul searching is also required. “Know before going into it that it’s... more

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