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On-the-job-tips: Senior caregivers

Senior care contracts: Why you need one and what to include in it

You have a variety of duties as a senior care provider. From meal prep to transportation to companionship and medication administration, you cover a lot in just a day’s work. You also genuinely care for your charges and want to help make their days easier. To do so, however, you... more

5 top online, low-cost will services for estate planning

According to a recent Gallup poll, 56% of Americans do not have a will. Dying without a will means that state laws will determine how your assets are disbursed, and these laws may not be in alignment with your wishes. In some cases, if you are single and have no living family, the... more

How to ace a senior care job interview

You're moving ahead in your job search, having pinpointed the kind of job you want, determined that you'd like to work directly for an individual or family, and have figured out how much to charge. Now it's time to prepare for a job interview. It might help... more

How to Dress for an Interview

Outfit do's and don'ts when you're interviewing for a job as a nanny, babysitter, tutor, pet sitter, housekeeper, senior care aide, etc. While a well-tailored suit and button-down are expected attire when applying for a job at an investment bank, it’s not the norm when applying for... more

How to Follow Up About Jobs

After applying for a job or interviewing with a family or business, use these tips to check in with potential employers. You polished your profile, wrote a strong cover letter and submitted an application for an ideal caregiving job. But what now? Don't sit back, cross your fingers and... more

8 Ways to Ace the Job Interview

Looking for a job as a nanny, babysitter, tutor, senior care aid, or pet caregiver? Here are tips to prepare you for the interview.   Whether you are trying to find a nanny job or are just starting your career as a housekeeper, you'll likely need to go on... more

Meet the Family: How to Interview for Senior Care Jobs

What to ask and what to emphasize when you're trying to find a job as a senior caregiver.Start off on the right foot with the family of any elderly or disabled person in your care, and everyone will live happily ever after.Before you agree to work for... more

9 Oddest Interview Questions Ever

Preparing for an interview as a nanny, babysitter or other caregiver? Here's how to answer offbeat questions.     You're sitting in a job interview, trying not to sweat through your favorite shirt, eager to make a good impression. You think you're ready for anything a family... more