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10 Things Grandchildren Can Learn From Their Grandparents

Grandparents are full of wisdom to share with younger generations -- here are ideas for things to talk about.The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is a very special one. While grandparents act as an authority figure and provide unconditional love, they also get to spoil their grandkids in a... more

10 Things Grandparents Can Learn From Their Grandchildren

While Grandparents are known for wisdom, grandkids can be good teachers too. Kids say and do the darndest things -- especially in the eyes of their grandparents. But seniors can learn a lot from today's children. Whether your grandkids are 2 or 22, here are some suggestions for things you... more

10 Ways to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Honor your grandparents with these thoughtful gifts and activities.Grandparents and grandchildren share a special relationship, so shouldn't there be a day to honor their love? As it turns out, there already is! National Grandparents Day is celebrated annually the first Sunday after Labor Day.To help you celebrate... more

8 Touching Handmade Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Need a grandparent gift idea for a holiday, birthday or National Grandparents Day? Here are suggestions to get you started. Yes, you can buy a present for a loving grandparent from a store, but they can be very impersonal. Why not make one with your kids? Kids will love the... more


A Couple of Four-Year-Olds, 66 Years Apart

Shopping with a seventy-year-old and a just turned four-year-old isn't healthy and I don't recommend it. My daughter doesn't like her grandmother much. See grandma is not the loving, fun, shower-you-with-gifts kind, but the bark orders and criticize-all-the-bad-behaviors type. So when I'm forced to take both... more

The Best Way to Bridge the Generation Gap

The word needs more BFFs with decades between them. Three intergenerational connections we could all learn from.Our news feeds are too often full of unimaginably devastating, unbelievably hateful and utterly ridiculous stories. But when these kinds of heartwarming stories show up, our children's future looks a little brighter... more

Senior Caregiving: It Takes an Army

If it takes a village to raise a child, it can take a small army to care for an aging loved one. Think of all the roles you juggle: personal shopper, housekeeper, chauffeur, legal advisor, accountant, crisis manager and social worker. Plus, you may be a plane ride away. "Caregiving... more