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Transportation resources


23 answers

What day of the week is the least busiest time to travel?

I don't want to send my mother on a plane when it is crazy. When is the best time for her to travel alone?

How to Get a Handicapped Parking Permit

The first steps are taking a trip to your doctor and local DMV. If you have difficult walking, or you use a cane, wheelchair, walker or other device to get around, then you're probably eligible for a handicapped parking sticker. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get a... more


What to do???

I am facing a dilemma of whether to keep my Mom at home or put her in a facility.  She is 71 years old and was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.  I thought hiring a caretaker during the day would help to alleviate some of the issues we were having. I... more


22 answers

Can my mother take her medications on the plane?

I am considering flying my mother to my sisters house. If I send her can she take her medications on the plane?


21 answers

How can I make it easier for my mother to travel?

What tips do you have for traveling with an elderly parent?


18 answers

Does Medicare cover in-home senior care?


Transportation Options for Seniors: Local and Long Distance

Strategies for seniors to get out and about.     Seniors may find it difficult to travel independently, especially if they have medical issues that require special attention. Nevertheless, there are many ways for them to get around -- locally, nationally or internationally -- using various transportation options. When health, physical limitations... more

Kansas Transportation Resources

From trips to the grocery store to other errands, get the transportation assistance your senior needs in Kansas.     Kansas - Transportation Seniors are often reluctant to give up driving, but many families decidethe keys have to be taken away.  Luckily, there are plenty of alternative transportation resources in... more