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Family caregivers

An expert's 7 steps for helping your parents downsize

Maybe your parents are moving from the four-bedroom house where you grew up to a two-bedroom apartment, or from an apartment to an assisted living facility, or even in with you. Whatever the situation, they’re going to have less space. That means it is time to downsize.  While “downsizing” can sound... more

Top 11 caregiver duties to know

Caregiver duties are wide-ranging. One moment a caregiver may be shopping for meals or cleaning the carpet and the next they could be discussing medication dosage with the pharmacist, or arranging transportation for a specialist appointment. The caregiver, whether a professional or a family member, is responsible for ensuring continuity... more

4 ways to pay for long-term care with life insurance

Regardless of how healthy and fit you are now, the chances are good that you or your spouse may need some form of long term care in the future. According to statistics from the Family Caregiver Alliance, the lifetime probability of someone age 65 or older becoming disabled in at... more

15 questions to ask during a senior caregiver interview

If you're hiring a senior caregiver on your own, start by screening applicants over the phone, then meet in person (consider a public meeting place, like a coffeeshop). If things feel like a good fit, introduce the potential provider to your parent in the setting where they would be working. ... more

Use this sample senior care contract with your caregiver

Hiring an adult or senior caregiver to help your aging loved one is a big step for your family. You found someone you think is a good match, and you want to be as professional as you can to make sure everything goes well. A written contract tailored to your... more

Caregiver Job Description: What to Write to Attract Strong Candidates

Powerful words can help to attract top candidates for your caregiver job. Here's how to make sure you set yourself up for success. Whether you’re hiring a home health aide to care for your elderly mother in her apartment or you’re looking to hire a caregiver to work for your... more

Palliative treatment and care: What you can expect

Palliative care aims to address any and all symptoms and side effects people face when dealing with a serious illness, such as cancer, a stroke, kidney disease or Alzheimer’s disease. That means plans for palliative treatment, by definition, must be tailored and specific to each individual.  Palliative care delivery can also... more

Preventing senior caregiver burnout: What to watch for and how to cope

When you’re caring for a loved one who is aging or ill, people will often say things like “You’re so brave” or “I couldn’t do what you do.” But most of the time, you don’t feel especially brave or heroic. Although caregiving for a senior can be incredibly rewarding... more