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5 self-care tips for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers on the brink of burnout

Caregiving for a family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a full-time commitment. Even if you’re not living with your loved one full time, you may worry constantly and be on edge every time the phone rings. You might feel guilty about time spent away or taking care of yourself, and you may feel... more

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The 3 stages of Alzheimer’s: How the disease progresses

Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t progress at a predictable rate. For some people, the symptoms will develop slowly over more than a decade, while for others, the disease can seem to worsen rapidly in just a few years. According to the Mayo Clinic, people with Alzheimer’s live between three to 11 years after... more

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Paying for Alzheimer's and dementia care, according to financial advisors

The cost of quality care for an aging loved one can get pricey. If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer's, the costs go even higher. Although the average lifetime cost of long-term care comes in around $138,000 per individual, Brandon Gaines, a wealth management advisor at Northwestern... more

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Top technology for seniors: Devices and apps to boost wellness, safety and happiness

Though seniors are becoming more technology savvy all the time, many are still skeptical about the latest devices. A 2019 study published in the journal Healthcare analyzed older adults’ perspectives on technology intended to allow them to age in place and found that while seniors were eager to learn new technology, they also expressed frustration with it... more

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5 alternative transportation options for seniors who are no longer driving

My mom was always a great driver — as far as I know, she never got a single traffic ticket in her six decades behind the wheel. But when she started getting lost on the familiar route to her hair salon, we knew it was time to take away the... more

20 discounts for veterans

Veterans deserve to be praised for their years of service to our country — a selfless, admirable feat that should never go unnoticed — and not only on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Businesses know this, and countless companies offer military and veteran discounts. Military families, too, can benefit... more

Watching my mom care for my grandma shaped the person I am today

When my grandfather woke up two days before my 10th birthday, he knew something wasn’t right. He felt bloated with an incredibly distended stomach and called for my grandma to bring him Tums. He walked down the narrow hallway to meet her and as soon as he made it to... more

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Top 11 caregiver duties to know

Caregiver duties are wide-ranging. One moment a caregiver may be shopping for meals or cleaning the carpet and the next they could be discussing medication dosage with the pharmacist, or arranging transportation for a specialist appointment. The caregiver, whether a professional or a family member, is responsible for ensuring continuity... more