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Is my senior parent eating enough? Here's how to tell and what to do

Enter a caption... With age comes change — and a lot of those changes can make eating a healthy, well-balanced diet more challenging. Loss of mobility, a change of social situation, chronic health problems like diabetes or heart disease, and tight finances all make it tougher for older adults to... more

40 inspirational quotes for caregivers

If you know the selfless, rewarding life of caring for another person, then you also know how heavy things can get. That's true no matter whether you're a family member caring for a loved one or a caregiver working with a patient. Sometimes, just a kind word of... more

Fall prevention: 12 expert tips to reduce risks for older adults

As a person ages, falling — even tripping — becomes a lot more dangerous. According to the latest research from Centers for Disease Control (CDC),  about one in four adults (28%) age 65 and older, report falling each year. This results in about 36 million falls each year. Falls can... more

Can caregiving for your parents get you a tax break?

Many adult children eventually experience a role reversal and become caregivers for their parents. The responsibilities of this range from helping an aging parent with housework and errands to offering financial support and guiding medical care or even sharing their home. Nearly 66 million Americans (31 percent of U.S... more

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What to do if your senior care aide isn’t the right fit

When you hire a caregiver for your senior relative, you always hope for the best. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Alex S. hired two caregivers to stay with his elderly father, who can’t drive anymore and was having an increasingly difficult time getting around his two-bedroom... more

20 questions to ask your parents, grandparents and older loved ones about their lives

One of the benefits of aging is acquiring a wealth of wisdom and experience. But all too often older loved ones’ insights and stories go unshared as family or professional caregivers as well as grandchildren are unsure how to bridge the generation gap.  “When in the presence of an... more

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Hiring a caregiver: Should you work with an agency or find your own?

Even though my father was in an assisted living facility, it was clear he needed more support. His dementia had advanced enough that he needed daily help with basic tasks but not enough that he would have been happy in a locked memory care facility. I had to hire more... more

6 women share the beautiful and sometimes brutal realities of family caregiving

While Americans of all gender identities serve as caregivers for aging loved ones, the fact is, this role still often falls on female family members. A 2020 report by AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving found that 61% of today’s family caregivers are women.  Anyone who’s done it... more