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Military families

15 Brilliant 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

Here are 15 super-fun 2nd birthday party ideas to get you started on picking the theme, decor and games for the perfect birthday party for your little one. Your toddler is about to turn 2! Now that she's more active and expresses her own interests, you may want to... more

14 Cheap Ways to Stuff a Goodie Bag

Tired of your typical throw-away goodie bags? Consider these creative, budget-friendly party favors for your child's next birthday party. With all the stress of planning your child's party, it's easy to overlook the party favors -- but that doesn't mean you have to resort to last-minute junk... more

11 Exit Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

Learn why your employees are leaving. You’re going to lose employees every now and then -- that much is a given. But don’t let their departures be in vain. Make your exit interviews into something more than a chance to communicate information about benefits and other off-boarding matters. Simply going through... more

20 Discounts for Veterans

Learn how retired military members and their families can save money with these special offers. Veterans deserve to be praised for their years of service to our country -- a selfless, admirable feat that should never go unnoticed. And not only on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Businesses know this and... more

11 Foods to Serve at a Kid's Birthday Party

These tasty treats will make you the best party-thrower on the block. On the surface, planning a child's birthday party food menu seems like an easy task, but as many parents and experts will tell you, choosing the right food can get tricky. This is perhaps one of the... more


Pros and Cons of Vaccinations For Your Children

Pros and Cons of Vaccinations For Your Children Parenting is hard. There’s just no way around it. Being the person who makes most if not all of the choices that can form the lives of the most precious beings that you hold near and dear. All the decisions that one might... more


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Do children need to wear helmets on long family bike rides?

My 12,14, and 15 year old daughters don’t wear helmets when riding around the neighborhood, at the park or up and down my street, but I require them to wear helmets when we go on long family bike rides since there’s a greater risk of an accident. My husband and... more

8 Quick and Easy (and Spooky!) Halloween Treats

Ghosts, goblins and...Angry Birds - oh my! Once school gets back in session, kids' thoughts quickly turn to their next big day: Halloween. But we all know it's not just about the costume. It's the spooky sweets and terror-filled treats that set the mood! Whether you're hosting... more