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Salary & pay: Child care providers


73 answers

💰What are your tips for negotiating pay rates? 💰

Last week we asked you "Do you use written agreements with your families? Why or why not?  We got lots of answers for and against agreements.  This week our question is:   What are your tips for negotiating pay rates? 

Raising the voices of caregivers

Caregivers support our families and allow others to go to work, but they often have to battle for respect. Let’s change that. Ten years ago, I helped start the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) because my life has been so profoundly affected by caregivers, beginning when I was just a... more


106 answers

Rate of Pay

We are paying a couple to take care of our dog. Just letting him out 4x per day and feeding him 1x per day. Not asking anything extra. They live a few miles away. How much do you think is reasonable to pay per day?


40 answers

How much should I ask to be paid by the hour? (what do you ask if your a nanny or if you are a parent how much would you like to pay)

Please feel free to use past jobs as a reference or just use personal preference.


30 answers

How can I get parents to take the final step and accept my tutoring Services?

How can I get parents to take the final step and accept my tutoring companies services?   We have 100% State Certified teachers and come to the parents...plus we run offer for the first lesson free and the second one half off... they still don't seem to want... more


21 answers

How much should I charge to nanny this family?

Hello! I would like some help figuring what to charge a family that I will be nannying for in the near future. Here is some background...   I am in St. Louis, MO I am 25 years old and female I have 5-6 years experience working with children 2 years... more

Living wage vs. minimum wage: What caregivers need to know

Experts generally agree that minimum wages are too low for Americans to make ends meet. However, many caregivers, whether you work with children or seniors, are paid minimum wage or less. A 2012 report by the National Domestic Workers Alliance found that nearly half of domestic workers are paid an... more

How caregivers can — and should — earn a living wage

As a professional caregiver, whether you care for children or help a senior, you do critical work. Many of you even complete trainings and obtain professional certifications in order to excel at your job. Yet many families, and society as a whole, don’t reward caregivers as a high-value profession —... more