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Traveling with pets

101 Things to Do With Your Dog

Looking for things to do with your dog? This massive list of activities will ease boredom, provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond between you and your best friend.Finding things to do with your dog is important, and finding new things to do can take some extra time. Like... more


10 answers

What emergency numbers should I give my pet sitter?

I can't wait to go on vacation this year! I've been planning and saving for it for two years now! I even have the pet sitter hired. I'm not sure what information to give him, though. What specific emergency phone numbers should I share with the pet... more


4 answers

How do I introduce another dog into my home?

I am dog sitting for my parents for a few weeks and I want to make it a smooth transition for my dog.  What do you suggest to make this easier on both my dog and my parent's dog?  My dog is a little older and set in his... more


4 answers

Has anyone taken their dog on a plane?

I am going to be flying soon and I am taking my dog but he is too big to be in a carrying case because of his height.  I am nervous to put him in cargo. Have you ever shipped your dog as cargo on a plane?

12 Do's and Don'ts for Flying With a Dog

What to do and what not to do for a happy and safe flight with your furry palYou want Rover to accompany you on the vacation but aren't sure how he'll handle the flight. Dogs thrive on routine and breaking from it can put even the most laid... more

Tips for Traveling with Cats

How to travel with your fluffy friend -- and leave the stress at home. When you are traveling, it can be comforting and fun to take your pets along with you. But while many people travel with dogs, it's not as common to travel with your cat in tow. However... more

Cuteness Alert: Dog Couple's Engagement Photos Are Better Than Yours

Sebastian and Luna posed in front of some of the most recognizable spots in our nation's capital. Sebastian, a French bulldog, and Luna, a Pomeranian, took to the streets of Washington, D.C., to celebrate their love story with a set of engagement photos. The 3-year-old dogs' photo shoot... more


4 answers

Where should a dog and sitter stay?

I have a dog sitter take care of my dog when I am out of town. Originally, she used to stay at my apartment to take care of him, but now they stay at her place. He adores her, so I think he's happy either way.What's your... more