Traveling with pets

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21 fun things to do with your dog

There is no cuter copilot than a canine — and for most people, no more amenable friend. After all, is there any person on the planet who thinks a road trip to the city dump is an adventure or that breaking down cardboard boxes is the most exciting chore ever... more

How to fly with a dog: General rules, cost and travel tips

If you’re planning a flight with your pup, you may wonder whether that cute little face will be the perfect passenger or a high-maintenance mess. Knowing your dog is key to pre-travel planning.  Seasoned traveler Hilary Sloan, of New York City, who has flown her small dog Ella Bean... more

Should People Be Able to Break Into Cars to Rescue Animals?

New piece of legislation would give immunity to people who break into vehicles to save pets.  Recently, Indiana legislators proposed a new bill that would let people break into hot cars to save an overheating animal without being arrested or sued for damage. The new law would be similar to one passed... more

Pets on a Plane: How Safe Is Your Furry Friend In-Flight?

More than half a million animals were transported by planes in 2016. The sweet smell of spring is just around the corner, and if you’re already dreaming up your warm weather travel plans, chances are you might consider taking your pet along for the adventure. Before you dust off the... more

Now You Can Dine With Your Dog at This North Carolina Restaurant

Posana, located in Asheville, now offers a menu exclusively for man’s best friend. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to bring their dog along for an outdoor meal, but one restaurant in North Carolina is taking it a step further by offering a special menu just for pooches. Posana, a... more

A Second Chance: Stray Dogs From Turkey Get New Life in U.S.

So far, 15 states have helped to re-home the foreign-born golden retrievers. Immigration tension seems to be at an all-time high these days, but one group of adorable furry foreigners is making its way into the U.S. for a better life. Hundreds of golden retrievers on the other side... more


Now That’s a Doggy Bag: Knapsack Allows Pet Owners to Take Their Pups on the Go

The backpack is enjoyed by pet owners and dogs alike. Spring has sprung, and many pet owners are eager to enjoy the warmer weather with their pooches. But instead of a leash, Ruffit USA invented a new way to make your pet a part of your next outdoor excursion: a backpack! The... more

Plot Twist: Study Finds Cats Really Do Like Their Humans

Despite their fierce independence, your feline friend likes you even more than food.  A new study confirms what many cat owners hoped to be true: Yes, your feline friend actually does like you. But what if your cat was deciding between you and a tasty bowl of tuna? Which would he pick... more