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Pet training tips


35 answers

My 9 year old house broke pit bull starting to pee when I come around

I have had my pit bull since she was a puppy and was very well house trained and alway came when called. She is now 9 years old & is now very attached to my wife the past year and when I call her she tucks her tail and runs... more


39 answers

My 15 y/o healthy dog pis going to be blind in the near future. We would very much like like some advice as the things that we can do around the house NOW, that will make it easier for him to adjust to blindness.



14 answers

Why is my House Trained Dog peeing on all our carpets in our new home?

Our dog a poodle, bishon frise, tree walker coon hound mix is almost 2 years old. Got him at about 10 mos old and he wasn't house trained very well. We did use crate training and after about 1 month he was house trained with very few accidents. After... more


23 answers

What type of dog breeds are best for cats?

I am an owner of two adorable cats and am looking to adopt a dog.  I was curious which breeds are best for a cat-filled home.  Thank you! 


21 answers

House Training Puppy

I have a four month old pup that had been doing really well with house training. He had been barking or whining to let us know when he needed to go out and was going days without any accidents. The last couple weeks he has been having accidents in the house... more


15 answers

why is having your dog in a crate all day bad for the dog?

My mother who has become very stubborn after her recent stokes thinks that Its okay to leave the dog in her crate all day. She thinks crate training the dog consist of only allowing the dog to be out of the cage when we take her outside and then putting... more


7 answers

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

We have a new puppy. I have been trying to potty train her for about a month, and I know she is a puppy and will still have accidents, but I just don't feel like she is making any progress. How long does potty training usually take?


16 answers

What toys help cats get exercise?

My cat Milo has to lose weight. I'm putting him on a diet, but he also has to get some exercise. Right now, he doesn't really have any toys he plays with. What are some good options?