Pet training tips

101 dog facts to delight and fascinate animal lovers

They say dogs are humans’ best buds, but how much do we really know about our furry four-legged friends? From the one breed that doesn’t bark to the real (adorable) reason pups love to curl up in a ball shape, here are 101 fun dog facts that will only make... more

How to put on a dog harness: Step-by-step directions [with video]

"The biggest issue that I'd worry about with a harness not being sized or fastened correctly would be the dog slipping out," says David Wright, a dog trainer and the owner of iWorkDogs.  Here's how to put a harness on correctly so that your furry friend stays... more

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How to stop your dog from peeing in the house

You know that face — the sad, guilty look a dog flashes when he’s been caught peeing in the house. Your first thought may be to scold him, but is that really going to stop it from happening again? In most cases, the answer is no. There could be medical... more

Brains, Beauty and Boundless Energy: Meet the Treeing Walker Coonhound

Nicknamed “The People’s Choice,” this gentle companion is out to capture your heart with its large brown eyes, floppy ears, and fastidious work ethic. Quick Facts Height: 20-27 inches Weight: 50-70 pounds Life Expectancy: 12-13 years Talents: Hunting, treeing Ancestry: English Foxhound, American Foxhound A smart, loyal companion with... more

What Is an Overnight Babysitter?

As a babysitter, you get different job requests. You may have to pick up the kids after school. You may need to work earlier than usual on a parents' scheduled date night. And one request might be to be an overnight babysitter. An overnight babysitter is a babysitter stays at... more

The 6 Best Dog Training Classes Around Chicago

Improve your relationship with your dog and make for a peaceful household with these 6 great dog training classes. Pets rule our lives. We rush home to see them after work. We use our hard-earned money to spoil them with treats and toys. We make sure they’re taken care of... more

Cuteness Alert: Watch These Service Dogs Graduate

Canine Companions for Independence trains dogs for adults, children with disabilities — at no cost. What’s better than cute pups? Cute pups walking across a stage and donning medals in a graduation ceremony! And not only are these dogs adorable, they also help others! They're assistance dogs, and they... more

From Painting to Yoga, This Dog Can Do Anything Humans Can

Secret sleds down snowy hills, cleans house and takes hikes.  While everyone knows that their dog is the best, we're pretty sure we found the pup that's the master of nearly everything. Two-year-old Secret is an Australian Shepherd who paints, hikes, cleans the house and even practices yoga. She... more