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10 Snacks for SAT Success

How to Boost Your Energy on Test Day When test day strikes, all of the studying and tutors in the world can't save a hungry kid from a score-dropping sugar crash. Test taking means buckling down for hours with just a few short breaks. Even after a healthy breakfast... more

5 SAT Power Breakfast Ideas

Fuel up on brain food before a big test From practicing ratios to memorizing vocabulary, students feed their minds for months as they prepare for college exams, but too many forget about the importance of feeding their bodies as well. These tests are demanding, and you need to prepare your... more

Fun Math Games to Get Kids Excited About Numbers

Get creative and find new ways to help your kids keep the fun in learning. Today’s world is full of technology for your little ones to master any subject their heart desires, but nothing beats a face-to-face learning environment. Find ways to make learning fun for your kids offline, free... more

The Best Websites for Middle School Math Help

Is your 6th-, 7th-, or 8th-grader stumped by tricky equations, problematic proofs, and dodgy decimals? Here’s a list of first-class resources for demystifying middle school math. The transition to middle school is filled with complicated growing pains -- and math is no exception. Students move from learning the foundations to solving... more

College Admissions Tutoring

Decide whether to hire a tutor to help your child get into college.What is a College Admissions Tutor?College admissions tutors -- or "admissions consultants" -- will charge anywhere from $75 an hour to $3,000 for a long-range plan, based how much attention your child needs. Their backgrounds will vary... more

Does My Child Need a Tutor?

Warning signs to look for and how to get help. Nothing sends a clearer message about your child's education than a failing grade. Usually, there are signs that your child needs help before that kind of report card arrives. Talk to your child's teachers if you suspect there... more

Find a College Test Prep Tutor

From private tutors to online programs to testing centers, explore your tutoring options with this step-by-step guide.     When your kid is college bound, it all comes down to those crazy exams every family dreads. For San Diego, California dad Gilbert Vasquez and his daughter, that meant it was... more

Working with Teachers for Better Tutoring Results

Why regular communication and a cooperative relationship between tutors and teachers are important.A cooperative relationship with a child's teacher can rein in your stress and improve a child's chances of academic success.Strategies for Working with the Child's TeacherBefore you plan your course of action, make... more