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6 Tips for a Great Spa Day

Sometimes you need a little pampering. Here are suggestions for heading to the spa.Your perfect Mother's Day gift: a spa day!Did your teething baby wake you up three times last night? Did you spend the day chasing a hyperactive 4-year-old through the park? Or are you just... more

Women's hair loss: What your hair stylist might not be telling you

When Kelly Kutchinsky, of Philadelphia, had her baby eight ago, she was told she'd likely start shedding her hair. "It didn't happen right away, but in the last two months it has gotten ridiculous," she says. "I seriously pull out handfuls of hair every morning and our shower... more

From Braces to Botox: Have Kid Spa Treatments and Beauty Routines Gone Too Far?

A California woman who went on "Good Morning America" this month to boast that she gives her 8-year-old daughter Botox injections for an edge on the pageant circuit triggered a universal shudder of revulsion.The mom soon retracted her story, denying she actually shot up the little girl with the... more

Shellacs-Attacks: Is a Manicure that Lasts for 14 Days Too Good to Be True?

The manicure is one of life's little luxuries.  A visit to the salon gives someone a bit of pampering, a chance to catch up with the girls or even some alone time.  Everyone needs some glamour once in a while. However, the inevitable chip that can happens... more