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32 Surprising Senior Discounts

Senior citizens can take advantage of these cost-saving discounts on useful items and services.If you're over the age of 50, you should start cashing in on the many senior discounts available. Many stores offer their senior shoppers some form of a deal, but it's often available only... more

Home Care Versus Nursing Home Care

How to safely age at home.Most elders would prefer to stay in their own homes, where they know their neighbors and can associate memories with each piece of furniture and object around them, rather than move to an institution as they age.Things that can make "aging in place... more

A Checklist for Aging in Place

How to decide if you and your home can successfully age in place.More than 90 percent of people over the age of 65 would want to remain at home as they get older, according to AARP. This popular trend is called "aging in place" or "aging in community". Yet... more

Transportation Options for Seniors: Local and Long Distance

Strategies for seniors to get out and about.     Seniors may find it difficult to travel independently, especially if they have medical issues that require special attention. Nevertheless, there are many ways for them to get around -- locally, nationally or internationally -- using various transportation options. When health, physical limitations... more

Tackling America’s Aging Challenges, One Tech Innovation at a Time

The AARP has chosen its three finalists for a $50,000 challenge to develop new “aging in place” technology. On an October morning late last year, a group of hopeful entrepreneurs gathered in a conference room in front of potential investors and venture capitalists, pitching their idea for the next... more

Alexa, Will You Help My Mom’s Caregiver?

The Amazon Echo may usher in more devices that act as virtual caregivers for America’s growing senior population. We can use the Amazon Echo’s voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa, to organize a calendar, learn about the weather or today’s news, and even to book travel. But the technology also has the... more

Using Technology to Help Seniors Age in Place

Learn about gadgets and gizmos that can support seniors at home and provide peace of mind to loved ones and caregivers. Though seniors are becoming more technology savvy all the time, many are still skeptical about the latest devices. But when someone wants to age in place instead of leaving... more

Introducing Seniors to Aging in Place Technology

Learn how you can integrate technology into a senior's life. Your 85-year-old mother is the early stages of dementia, has painful arthritis that makes walking difficult and has cataracts that give her blurry vision. She won't move to an assisted living community because she wants to stay home... more