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In-home care


35 answers

my daddy has early dementia and his health is failing! We have inhouse care for him right now but not sure how long that will last. My question

is what are some steps to take to get ready for a nursing home???


35 answers

What are the pros and cons of live-in care vs. assisted living?

My elderly grandma wants to live at home, obviously, and we have the potential to hire a live-in caregiver. She's willing to have taxes paid out, etc, but I'm concerned about the legality of the rate of pay. We'd offset part of her salary for room/board... more


29 answers

advice on hiring 24 hour care -

it is becoming evident that my dad will need 24 hour care - a nursing home isn't an option right now.  what do i need to know about hiring a live in caretaker?  any tips on having a person in the home?  tip on payments or what... more

How Much Does a Home Care Aide Cost?

The pay rate for home care aides differs based on geological location, job requirements and more. Once you have clarified your in-home care needs, you'll then be able to identify providers and learn what the costs would be for each provider. Of course, having family, friends or volunteers provide... more

9 strategies to help a parent who refuses care

Your mother resists in-home helpers, insisting you can wait on her. Your frail father won't stop driving. Your aunt denies the need for a personal care aide, in spite of her unwashed hair and soiled clothes. Your grandmother refuses to move to an assisted living facility "because it's... more

15 questions to ask during a senior caregiver interview

If you're hiring a senior caregiver on your own, start by screening applicants over the phone, then meet in person (consider a public meeting place, like a coffeeshop). If things feel like a good fit, introduce the potential provider to your parent in the setting where they would be working. ... more

6 ways to make long-distance caregiving work for your family

Caregiving is never simple, but being hundreds of miles away from your loved one can make it extra challenging. According to the AARP, some ten percent of caregivers live more than an hour away from the person they care for. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can tend... more

5 requirements to qualify for Medicare Home Health Care

You are doing everything you can for your aging parents, but sometimes it comes to the point where that is not enough. After a hospitalization, or to simply maintain or slow the decline of their health, Mom or Dad may need skilled therapists and nurses. This new twist in caring... more