How to find pet care

What to look for in your next dog sitter

The Mary Poppins of pet sitters is out there, and you’re determined to find her. If you’re an owner actively seeking pet care, zeroing in on that special someone to take care of your pet can be daunting, especially if you have high standards like most of us do. Beyond... more

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9 expert tips for choosing the right brand of healthy dog food

Enter any pet food aisle and you’re immediately bombarded with choices — wet, dry, store brand, trendy brand, healthy brand, raw food and more. If your pup is hungry, there’s definitely a fix for that. But how on earth do you choose? Picking a healthy brand of dog food is... more

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Choosing pet care that’s right for you and your pet

We want to be there whenever our pets need us, but that isn’t always possible. Vacations, work obligations and other life events can take us places our pets can’t, so it’s important to always have a backup pet care plan. From hiring a pet sitter to using a kennel to... more

The Pet Guide: Quality Care and Your Pet Caregiver

How to manage and evaluate your pet caregiver. It's a great feeling to have finally found and hired a great dog walker, pet sitter, or pet day care provider to lovingly care for your pets while you're at work or away. But that's only half the battle... more

The Pet Guide: The Pet Care Interview

How to interview a pet caregiver. Conducting your pet care interview is an important part of finding the right caregiver. Whether you start with a phone interview or an in-person meeting, the topics below will help you create an effective interviewing strategy that helps you get to know your pet... more

The 5 Best Doggy Day Cares Around Boston

Finding care for Fido can be just as stressful as finding day care for the kids. Whether you have human kids or your pets are your only “children,” there’s no denying that animals really are members of the family. After all, they wake up next to you, cuddle with... more

The 6 Best Dog Training Classes Around Chicago

Improve your relationship with your dog and make for a peaceful household with these 6 great dog training classes. Pets rule our lives. We rush home to see them after work. We use our hard-earned money to spoil them with treats and toys. We make sure they’re taken care of... more

These Are the States With the Healthiest Pets. Is Yours One of Them? data analysts identified the states that do the best job of keeping their pets healthy and happy. Fact: Animals make our lives infinitely better. (Think about it: Have you ever seen a cute kitty Youtube video that didn't fill you with joy?...Didn't think so...) If you aren... more