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18 Quick and Easy Meals for Seniors

Many caregivers worry whether their parents are eating enough and getting a balanced diet. These are valid concerns, given that appetite decreases for older adults as they become less physically active. The diminishment of taste and smell also dampens the desire to eat. Food just doesn't taste as good... more

12 Part-time Jobs for Seniors

Some of the top jobs where older citizens can earn additional income.     Retirement is changing. People are working past 65 and many seniors are staying in or returning to the workforce, either full time, part time or as consultants or independent contractors. According to a study from the... more

7 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Prepare older people for the unique challenges of wintertime weather. During the winter months, ice, snow and cold temperatures can make life challenging for everyone. Slippery sidewalks and cold weather can cause a wide range of injuries and illnesses -- especially for seniors. Here is some helpful advice for preventing common... more

11 Things to Pack When Heading to the Emergency Room

Use this list to make sure you have everything necessary for an ER stay. We all dread it: The midnight phone call. Dario Campolattaro's mom was headed to the ER with complications from pneumonia. "She was having trouble breathing and her blood oxygen was low," recalls the Brambleton, VA... more

Hoarding and the Elderly: How to Help Them Declutter

Small steps for letting go. We inherit a lot from our parents, their traits, their looks and even their stuff -- perhaps too much of their stuff. Clutter is a growing problem today among all populations, including the elderly. To help your parents pare down, downsize, create more room in their... more

Emergency Checklist for Seniors and Their Caregivers

How to be prepared for a crisis     We hope we'll never need the information, but if there is an emergency with your elderly parent or relative, having this checklist readily available will make your life easier. Health emergencies with our elders can often become complicated by the... more

9 Ways to Keep an Aging Brain Smart

Healthy weight, physical fitness and nutrition are essential as you age. But did you realize they can also help your brain?In many ways, the mind is still a scientific mystery and we are constantly trying to understand it more. One thing is certain though: your brain can deteriorate if... more

The 6 Signs of Decline

How to decide what's natural old age and what may be a cause for concern.Is it inevitable that aging must bring disease, debilitation and dementia? Jack Lalanne, the exercise guru, continued his two-hour daily workouts into his nineties. Clint Eastwood, at the age of eighty, continues to produce... more