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Social media for pet owners

Petworking! Social Networking for Animal Lovers

Finding a pet community that's right for you. Have you tried the animalistic side of online social networking? No, we don't mean the fact-defying Facebook and MySpace pages of people looking for dates. We're talking about pet-related social networking websites. Our favorite term for this new way... more

Social Media Cats: The Fur-riendliest Corner of the Web

There is more to these cute cats than meets the eye.Are you an avid follower of every tweet that comes from the paws of Lil Bub? Is your Facebook wall covered with more links to cat videos than pictures of your kids? Do you find yourself hiding the social... more

Famous Social Media Dogs: These Pooches Probably Have More Followers Than You

10 social media dogs with impresive followingsAre you a fan of social media? Well, brace yourself for this news: There are some hot social media dogs who probably have way more followers than you. Don't be jealous, though. Just start following them and maybe they'll teach you a... more

26 Hilarious Hypothetical Cat Tweets

Judgment and snark and everything not nice -- that's what cat tweets are made of!Cat tweets are probably the end goal of Twitter. The people on Twitter are already into being aloof, unpredictable and totally up for batting around a few catty responses. And besides, cats already rule YouTube... more

Social Networking for Dog Owners

Where to find virtual pet friends for dog owners. Next time you decide to log on to Facebook, watch out -- Fido might beat you to it. Dogs (actually their "people" writing in for their pooches) from across the U.S. and around the world have been jamming the servers at... more