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Strengthening family relationships

7 common disagreements between parents & grandparents — and how to resolve them

Studies have shown that grandparents can positively impact their grandkids’ nutrition and mental health. While many parents acknowledge these benefits and aim to foster a loving bond between children and grandparents, it can still come with bumps in the road. If you feel like you struggle to see eye-to-eye with... more

13 easy magic tricks for kids

Magic tricks for kids can be a ton of fun and are a great way for parents and nannies to keep the family entertained. After all, who doesn't love a bit of magic and delight? "When I perform for kids, I try to help them feel like adults, and... more

Mother-Son Relationship: Tips to Build and Maintain a Great One

Here are some tips on how to develop and nurture a healthy, strong relationship with your son!As a mom, you're always getting advice on how to raise your kids. If you have a son, you might be warned against coddling him and told to "cut the apron strings... more

14 Ideas for Last-Minute Weekend Outings With Kids

Do you have some free time this weekend? Grab your kids and head out on these 14 last-minute weekend adventures!Sometimes a last-minute weekend adventure is just what your family needs! No matter the season, there's always something you can do together. By clearing your calendar, turning off your... more

8 common parenting disagreements couples have — and how to handle them

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… constant disagreements over how to handle the finances, what to feed your toddler and exactly who did the dishes last. If you feel like you and your partner bicker more now that you have children, you’re not alone: In one study, 90... more

Mother-Daughter Relationship: How to Build and Maintain a Great One

Develop a strong mother-daughter relationship that can withstand the tests of time -- even during those trying teen years!Though the love between you and your daughter is infinite, your relationship can be complicated. There are those amazing golden days filled with flowery manicures, shopping (for her, not you) and laughter... more

On the Park Bench: How a young college student commands respect as a nanny

Alex G. has always adored children and babies. She started babysitting neighborhood kids when she was just 12, and she got her first taste of nannying in high school, when a teacher hired her to watch her kids over summer break. “I stay extremely close to all of my nanny... more

How My Ex and I Show Our Kids What Healthy Co-Parenting Looks Like

We weren’t able to show them what a healthy marriage looked like, but we’re doing great at this co-parenting thing. When my children were 9 and 11, they received the news that no child wants to hear: Mom and dad were getting divorced. I won’t sugar coat it. The conversation... more