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Creating rules & routines

The 6 food groups every kid should know

Pop quiz: What are the six food groups for kids? If you can easily answer this question, you're ahead in the nutrition game. But if you're like many parents and nannies, you might need some brushing up on your nutritional know-how. That way, instead of forcing kids to... more

11 Co-Parenting Ground Rules

Make co-parenting work for you, your ex and your child. Here are some tips for stopping the fighting and becoming the best co-parent you can be.It's that time of the week again. You're dropping your kids off at your ex's with great intentions about giving your... more

How to Use Movie Ratings for Kids

You know the common ratings for kids' movies are G and PG, but what do those letters really mean? Here's the low-down on these ratings and how you can tell which movies are appropriate for your little ones -- before you hit the theater.Unlike your childhood, your kids can... more

A Chore Chart for Kids

5 tips for getting kids to help with chores and what tasks they should be doing at each age.Dishes stacked in the sink, action figures strewn all over the living room floor and clothes spilling out of hampers. Does this chaotic scene sound familiar? As a busy parent, keeping... more

7 Tips For Raising Twin Boys

Twin brothers can be a handful, but these tips can help you navigate life with two rambunctious boys.Your twin boys are playmates, best friends and partners in crime. When boys come in pairs, you get double the fun, but you may also need to tweak your parenting strategies. Here... more

You Don't Always Have to Share: Teaching Toddlers When It's Okay to Say "No"

Here's why toddlers have a hard time with sharing things, as well as suggestions for how to teach them when it’s OK to say "no." Since my daughter entered toddlerhood, we spend lots of time at our local parks. They’re so familiar to me that I can easily point out... more

10 Reasons Your Teenager Should Babysit

What lessons will teens learn from babysitting? Babysitting is one of the most common jobs for teenagers for many reasons: it's fun, pays well and gives teens a sense of accomplishment. But while your teen may be excited about starting a first job, you know that caring for young... more

How to Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night

  Amanda, a Manhattan mom, appears to have it all: Two cute little girls, a great husband, and a job that she loves in public relations. What she doesn't have, nearly ever, is a decent night's sleep. "Our bedtime routine can take up to two and a... more