Getting hired: Senior caregivers

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How to write a standout senior caregiver resume

When you’re looking for a job as an adult or senior caregiver or home health aide, having a resume that highlights your strengths and your certifications can set you apart from the competition. Whether you’re applying to jobs via online sites like or finding prospects through word of mouth... more

Senior caregivers: The importance of bonding with clients — and how to do it more deeply

My grandmother lived to be 101. In her last few years, she developed very close relationships with her professional in-home caregivers to such an extent that I believe these women became her most important confidantes. I noticed the relationships she formed with them were less complicated than those she had... more

Must-knows for acing your next senior caregiver job interview

Whether you’re a seasoned caregiver for seniors or new to the field, you’ll want to go into an interview as prepared as possible. As part of that, you’ll want to bear in mind that choosing a caregiver is a huge, emotional decision for a family. “When family members seek home... more

How to guides

These senior care certifications and trainings can improve your career

You enjoy working with seniors and have plenty of experience providing companionship and assistance. Whether you work in a family home, in a skilled nursing facility or with a senior health agency, you are committed to the care of elders. So where do you take your senior care career from... more

Senior caregivers: How to know if a family is right for you

When it comes to searching for a new client as a senior caregiver, it can be hard to find the perfect fit. You might ask yourself questions like: “Do I have the right skills and certifications,” “Do I have enough experience?” or “Will I be the right fit... more

Watch April’s journey to becoming a professional senior caregiver

Divorce, unemployment, a new city: April had a lot of struggles. That’s when she asked herself: “What is within me? What can I do to support my family? And that’s how I became a caregiver.”  Watch her story:   How does care keep you whole? Tell us at #mycarestory. more

9 Things Families Notice About Your Profile

There’s no question that the competition is tough for finding a caregiving job. There may be lots of great candidates in your area. So how do you make your profile really stand out? Potential employers are busy and you want their quick scan of your qualifications to entice... more

7 ways to find a job faster on

Job searching is hard. Sometimes you find a great job immediately and sometimes it can take a while. Plus, you're busy and it can be difficult to devote all of your time to a job search. At, we want to help you find a match as quickly... more