Getting hired: Senior caregivers

The 10 most common mistakes made on

At, we know that the process of finding the perfect nanny — or the perfect nanny job — can be a little overwhelming. So, we want to make it as simple for you as possible. As more and more people turn to our site for help, we want... more

8 tips for writing a must-read profile

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These senior care certifications and trainings can improve your career

You enjoy working with seniors and have plenty of experience providing companionship and assistance. Whether you work in a family home, in a skilled nursing facility or with a senior health agency, you are committed to the care of elders. So where do you take your senior care career from... more

Why every senior caregiver should consider professional training

If you’re a senior care provider, you help aging individuals with their activities of daily living. You keep them company during your shift, and you care for them like they’re your own family. But to provide the best care and to fully connect with families you want to work with... more

14 Profile Pictures You Should NEVER Use

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How to Search and Respond to Jobs on

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The Senior Care Job Guide: How Much Should You Charge for Senior Care?

Figure out your pay rate based on location and job requirements. Once you choose a job you will pursue, you'll have to decide whether to work for a home care agency or institution, or become an independent elderly care contractor. If you work for an agency or institution, they will set your... more

What Is a Job Alert?

Got an email about new jobs on and not sure what it is or what to do next? Learn how job alerts benefit you. A job alert is a message our caregivers receive, letting them know about brand new job opportunities. When families post openings onto... more