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Getting hired: Senior caregivers

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made on Care.com

Whether you're a caregiver or searching for care, avoid these all-too-common slip-ups. At Care.com, we know that the process of finding the perfect nanny -- or the perfect nanny job -- can be a little overwhelming. So, we want to make it as simple for you as possible. As more... more

8 Tips for Writing a Must-Read Care.com Profile

Fill in the bio section of your Care.com profile with information that will land you a job. The bio section of your profile on Care.com can be your biggest selling point -- or end up costing you a job. But when you sit down to fill it in, it... more

Senior Care Certifications 101

Learn where to get senior care certifications and why they're important. You enjoy working with seniors and have plenty of experience providing companionship, assistance, and care. Maybe you've cared for your own parents or grandparents, or worked at an assisted living facility or nursing home. You know you... more

12 Part-time Jobs for Seniors

Try your hand at freelancing, event planning or customer service, to name just a few. Retirement is changing. People are working past 65 and many seniors are staying in or returning to the workforce, either full time, part time or as consultants or independent contractors. According to a study from... more

14 Profile Pictures You Should NEVER Use

Trying to add an image to your Care.com profile? Here are the types of photos you should avoid. When you're applying to jobs on Care.com, what's one of the most important things to have on your profile? A great profile picture! In fact, you're more... more


The Senior Care Job Guide: How Much Should You Charge for Senior Care?

Figure out your pay rate based on location and job requirements. Once you choose a job you will pursue, you'll have to decide whether to work for a home care agency or institution, or become an independent elderly care contractor. If you work for an agency or institution, they will set your... more

What Is a Care.com Job Alert?

Got an email about new jobs on Care.com and not sure what it is or what to do next? Learn how job alerts benefit you. A Care.com job alert is a message our caregivers receive, letting them know about brand new job opportunities. When families post openings onto... more

9 Ways Your Profile Screams "Don't Hire Me!"

Tips on what NOT to do when you're trying to land a job.When Eric Gabrielson, of Trenton, N.J., and his wife were looking for a nanny online, they often knew at first glance if one had potential. They instantly disqualified one profile filled with misspelled words and... more