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Sick kids

Fever in children: When should you worry?

That number on the thermometer keeps climbing. Your child's a wreck — you even more so. Do you give him more Tylenol? A cool bath? Or is it time to call the doctor? Take a deep breath, says pediatrician Dr. Barton D. Schmitt, the author of "My Child Is... more

5 common causes of infant congestion — and remedies that work

Babies are often stuffed up and congested, but when is a baby’s stuffy nose something to worry about? If your baby sounds congested, it’s important to narrow down the potential causes. Seeking professional medical advice from a doctor or nurse should always be your first line of defense. But knowing... more

12 Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

Fight pesky colds the healthy way It comes with little warning. One minute your child is romping around and the next, he's stuffy, coughing and whiny with the oh-so-common cold. With more than 200 viruses floating around, it's no wonder the cold is so common. Unfortunately, there's... more

Strep Throat in Kids: Does Your Child Have Strep?

Fever and a sore throat aren't the only symptoms of strep. Here's how to tell if your little one has strep throat, and what you should do about it.A sore throat, fever, headache -- could it be strep throat? When your kid is feeling under the weather, it... more

6 Ways to Stay Healthy When Caring for Sick Kids

Cold and flu season is here. Here are helpful tips for taking care of a sick child without getting sick yourself. With germs hopping all over classrooms, day cares and playgroups, parents and nannies need to stay in tip-top shape. It's inevitable your household will come down with either... more

How Sick Is Too Sick for Day Care?

Know when it's okay to send your kids to day care and when to keep them home. Your spouse is out of town, your office is short-staffed and your toddler woke up with a sore throat and runny nose -- uh oh! Many households today rely on two working parents... more

10 Ways to Help Victims of the Northern California Wildfires

Here are 10 ways you can help support the families impacted by the wildfires in Northern California. The families affected by the California wildfires need our continued donations and support. There are so many ways to help out the community and, honestly, we’re just getting started. It will take time... more

What Happens When the Child You Care for Is Sick?

Care.com Question of the Week: Real caregivers tell us what they do when they call in sick. We've seen a lot of caregivers post questions on our Community about how they should handle it when the kids they care for are sick. So, we decided to ask our fans... more