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Kids' Health

Fever in Children: When Should You Worry?

Fever in children, while scary for parents, is a healthy sign the body is fighting infection, doctors say. Here's what you need to know. That number on the thermometer keeps climbing. Your child's a wreck -- you even more so. Do you give him more Tylenol? A cool bath... more

When Do Boys Stop Growing?

All of a sudden, you're staring up at your once-little boy. Here's what to expect as your son grows.When you first brought him home, he was tiny. It's hard to imagine the man he will someday become. Though it's difficult to notice significant changes in... more

5 Health Benefits of Kids Playing Outside

Getting your kids to play outside isn't just fun -- it's good for them! Here are five health benefits that come from getting your kids outside. From team sports to a friendly neighborhood game of tag, there are many benefits that come from kids playing outside. However, most parents... more

12 Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

Fight pesky colds the healthy way It comes with little warning. One minute your child is romping around and the next, he's stuffy, coughing and whiny with the oh-so-common cold. With more than 200 viruses floating around, it's no wonder the cold is so common. Unfortunately, there's... more

Strep Throat in Kids: Does Your Child Have Strep?

Fever and a sore throat aren't the only symptoms of strep. Here's how to tell if your little one has strep throat, and what you should do about it.A sore throat, fever, headache -- could it be strep throat? When your kid is feeling under the weather, it... more

When Do Girls Stop Growing?

Those pants you bought your daughter last month are already too short. Is that normal? Here's what to expect as your child grows, and when to expect puberty to set in. There's no doubt about it, there are some positively adorable outfits for little girls out there nowadays... more

Only Child Syndrome -- A Real Thing or Unnecessary Worry?

Only children sometimes get a bad rap for being spoiled, but is it true? Experts weigh in!Only child syndrome is the myth that only children are lonely, selfish, spoiled, impatient and maladjusted. But there's a new wave of research that says these perceptions are completely untrue and subjective. And with... more

Hives in Children: Causes, Treatment and Relief

Not sure about those red bumps that keep cropping up on your kid? Here's what you need to know about hives in children.Hives in children are no fun for anyone. Your little one is itchy, uncomfortable and irritable, and you're worried the rash will spread. Not sure... more