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Nanny contracts

Here's Why You Need a Babysitter Contract and What to Include

Settling on a written agreement helps to formalize the babysitter-employer relationship, and to make all parties feel clear about each other's expectations. Even if your babysitter only watches your children occasionally, a contract or written agreement can serve as a tool to get you both on the same page, as... more

The Nanny Contract: Rules to Discuss After You Hire Your Nanny

When you create a nanny contract, here are some house rules to include and discuss with your new nanny. An important part of a creating a nanny contract is figuring out the house rules and what rules your nanny should follow when caring for your children. Below is a sample... more

Daily Schedule for Families and Caregivers

Help your nanny learn your family's schedule and what her day should look like. Families' schedules are a chaotic and crazy thing. When you hire a nanny, it can be hard for her to get used to the way things work in your house. Fill out this daily schedule... more

How to guides

The Nanny Guide: Quality Care and Your Nanny

In Part 7 of "The Nanny Guide," we list out the items you should make sure to cover in your regular performance reviews with your new nanny.  Nannies often become an integral part of a family's household, which makes it even more necessary to evaluate your family’s needs as... more