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Financial Advice

How Much Does Child Care Cost?

Learn about your different care options, what they mean for your wallet, and how you can save money. WALTHAM, Mass. -- For the fourth year in a row, Care.com’s Cost of Care Survey culled in-depth insights from more than 1,000 parents nationwide about their child care spending habits, including... more

20 Ways to Save Money on Child Care

Learn how much child care costs and how to find affordable care. Think you can't afford child care? Think again. You may believe it's too expensive for your family, but once you explore your child care options, you might be surprised. With a little creativity, planning and investigating, you can... more

When the ‘Nanny Tax’ Applies to a Babysitter

Know when the IRS requires you to follow payroll and tax rules for your babysitter. Many families need only part-time or occasional child care assistance, instead of a full-time nanny. And while you may think that you’re not obligated to pay employment taxes just for hiring a date night babysitter... more

How Much Does a Nanny Share Cost?

A nanny share is a great way to save money on child care. Here's a breakdown of all the factors that can affect the cost of a nanny share. You may have heard that sharing a nanny is a great way to save money on child care. It’s true... more

The Nanny Contract: Rules to Discuss After You Hire Your Nanny

When you create a nanny contract, here are some house rules to include and discuss with your new nanny. An important part of a creating a nanny contract is figuring out the house rules and what rules your nanny should follow when caring for your children. Below is a sample... more

The Tax Advantage of Being a College Caregiver

Working your way through school? You can earn up to $5,250 tax-free tuition reimbursement as a college caregiver.     If you're a college or graduate student working as a nanny, did you know that a family can reimburse you for tuition and save both of you some money... more

Daily Schedule for Families and Caregivers

Help your nanny learn your family's schedule and what her day should look like. Families' schedules are a chaotic and crazy thing. When you hire a nanny, it can be hard for her to get used to the way things work in your house. Fill out this daily schedule... more

Do You Need Workers' Compensation Insurance?

When you hire a nanny, babysitter or other caregiver, should you get workers' comp? Here are answers to 5 common questions. If you have an employee working for you (like a nanny, housekeeper, senior caregiver, etc.), having workers’ compensation insurance is like any other insurance -- it offers protection in the... more