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How to Ask for Reviews

Add reviews to your profile and increase your chances of getting a job. Reviews are a crucial part of your profile. Caregivers who have them are six times more likely to be contacted by potential employers. You know you're top-notch at your job, but having reviews... more

6 Things Housekeepers Should Never Do

Here's what not to do during your housekeeping job. If there is one thing we’re all territorial about, it’s our homes! Housekeepers should understand this fact better than most. If you’re a housekeeper, maintain your client’s trust and build your clientele by steering clear of these 6 housekeeping faux... more

So, What If You're New Here...

We all have to start somewhere right? So it’s normal that some young people, especially teens, don’t have references yet.  Let’s talk about what to do in an interview or what to put on your resume when you are just starting out.  First of all be honest! ... more