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Small business advice


Keeping Employees Engaged During Tough Times

I just got back from an HBS Global Leadership Summit where I listened to some great speakers. I found myself thinking about what things we could be doing with our company and employees during these difficult times. Yes, you should plan on cutting back (See Sequoia’s presentation covered on TechCrunch... more

14 Profile Pictures You Should NEVER Use

Trying to add an image to your Care.com profile? Here are the types of photos you should avoid. When you're applying to jobs on Care.com, what's one of the most important things to have on your profile? A great profile picture! In fact, you're more... more


Guest Speaker Series at Care.com: Stephen Kaufer, George Bell, and Jonathan Kraft

Earlier this year, I decided it would be incredibly fun and rewarding (not to mention cool) for the team at Care.com to meet and learn firsthand from some of the start-up superstars with whom I've had the pleasure of working and networking over the years. I've been... more

How to Present and Promote Your Business Online

In today’s world, finding a business that fits your needs is usually just a few keystrokes away. But when you’re the business and you want people to find you, it’s a little trickier. How can you make sure your business gets noticed? This five-step guide to marketing your care business... more

12 Ways Technology Can Help Your Small Business

You might not think that a small business budget can give you access to the technology that builds businesses, but you do. Running a small business means that you’re a lean, mean business machine. Often, it’s just you and a few trusted staff members. You might not think that a... more

How to Communicate With Customers Online

Once potential customers find your business online, do you have an effective approach for starting a dialogue with them? Navigating the tech-savvy world of online communication can be challenging for those who spend so much time working with people in the real world. This third step in a five-step guide... more


Starting a Business: Bootstrapping versus Venture Capital, Part II

Previously, I suggested some pros and cons around bootstrapping when launching a business. An entrepreneur I recently talked to was considering getting seed funding from a venture capital (VC) firm, and I'd like to share some of those thoughts on how funding and involvement from a venture capital firm... more

Top 10 Excuses Small Business Owners Make for Not Doing Marketing

Stop making excuses! Online marketing and social media are effective tools for growing your small care business. Marketing your small business can be the difference maker when it comes to bringing more customers and clients in the door. Yet many small business owners today find themselves making excuses as to... more