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Housekeeping business tips

Deep cleaning your house: A room-by-room guide

Homes can go through a lot of wear and tear — especially after a busy winter. Keeping up with laundry, dishes, and vacuuming from one week to the next can go a long way to maintaining a tidy house, but once a year, it’s a good idea to dive in... more

Cleaning Rates: How Much Should I Charge?

How should you charge clients for your housekeeping services? One of the hardest parts of being a housekeeper is figuring out what to charge clients. There are a lot of factors to consider, like the location, the size of the house, the frequency of cleanings, how clean it is, etc... more

How to guides

How Much Should You Charge for Housekeeping?

Here are the factors that you should take into account when setting your pay rates as a housekeeper. Now that you've decided to look into work as a house cleaner, you’re probably wondering how much house cleaners actually make. Care.com’s House Cleaning Cost Calculator can help you determine... more

How to Start a Cleaning Business

Advice from professionals on setting up a housecleaning company. Tips for starting a housecleaning business discussed in this article:  Do your research and establish a solid business plan Name your company and apply for a business license Decide how many employees you will have, their job requirements, what you will... more

Moving? You'll Need This Ultimate Housecleaning Checklist

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, make your home shine with this cleaning checklist. (CLICK HERE to download our house cleaning checklist as a PDF) Moving can feel like a never-ending chore. Renters in particular are often required by lease to leave their apartments in tip-top shape, and anything... more

12 Ways Technology Can Help Your Small Business

You might not think that a small business budget can give you access to the technology that builds businesses, but you do. Running a small business means that you’re a lean, mean business machine. Often, it’s just you and a few trusted staff members. You might not think that a... more

37 Ways to Thank Your Customers

Improve your customer service and your bottom line by saying 'thanks' to customers. As a small business owner, your company lives based on your customers. Want to improve your business? Focus on improving customer relations and keeping them happy. And if you run a business that focuses on care -- whether... more

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Here Are Your Housekeeping Job Options

Here's how you can find the right type of housekeeping job for you. You're a hardworking, honest, and reliable worker. You find satisfaction in cleaning and organizing homes and you enjoy having concrete tasks to perform that make other people happy. Does this sound like you? Then housekeeping... more