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How to find house cleaning help

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Here's how much you should be paying for housekeeping services

  How Much Should Housekeeping Cost? National Average $160 Typical Range $115 - $227 Low-End Cost $60 High-End Cost $340 The average cost to hire a house cleaner or housekeeper in the United States is about $160. While the amount will vary depending on where you reside and the size of... more

Housekeeping duties: What you can expect from your housekeeper

If you’ve ever looked around your house in a moment of high stress and wondered if you should hire a housekeeper to help, the answer is probably yes. These days, many households have two parents who are both working outside the home. Working full-time jobs and taking care of the... more

The 15 best cleaning tips from professional house cleaners

Who doesn’t feel better coming home to a clean, organized, clutter-free house? If you’ve ever wondered if the stress you feel when your home isn’t as tidy as you’d like is all in your head, science assures us that it is not. The truth is, we feel more stressed out... more

101 Odd Jobs You Can Hire Someone Else to Do

Feeling overwhelmed by your endless to-do list? Not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Hire some help! Everyone needs an extra set of hands sometimes. Whether it's planning a party or unpacking boxes after a move, having someone to help you with your odd jobs can... more

How to Interview a Housekeeper

7 things to keep in mind when interviewing cleaning help. After you post a cleaning job on Care.com, you should always interview the top three candidates to see who you like best. But what questions should you ask when you interview a housekeeper? What should you keep in mind... more

What Is the Difference Between a Maid and a Housekeeper?

Words matter. Use the right terms when you're looking for cleaning help. What is the difference between a maid and a housekeeper? There is no right or wrong answer to that question. The connotation of the two terms has changed over the years, and continues to evolve depending where... more

Are you paying your caregiver minimum wage?

Learn about the minimum wage laws in your state and pay caregivers what they're worth. Yes, you love your nanny, your housekeeper, your pet sitter and the other caregivers in your life. But do you pay them a fair wage? "Just as you are compensated for the work you... more

What Is a Household Manager?

Learn about household managers -- include their roles, training and salary. The term "certified household manager" was created by Mary Louise Starkey of Starkey International Institute in 1981. “At the time, terms like butler and majordomo existed, but there was no way for women to enter the management aspect of private... more