Pet life stages

What losing my pet showed me about the power of grief

One of the most difficult things we can go through is the loss of someone we love. But what if that someone is a beloved family pet? The grief is still difficult, but it can also be different and confusing — and, unfortunately, taken less seriously by those around us... more

How to guides

Puppy stages: A week-by-week guide to caring for a newborn puppy

There are few things more magical than watching a puppy grow. If you’re really in on all the action from day one, you’ll watch in awe as they open their eyes, carefully (and sometimes not so carefully) explore the environment around them with their nose and gradually grow into those... more

The dog gestation period: Symptoms, pregnancy care and puppy prep

Are congratulations in order? If your dog is about to become a mom, the dog gestation period can be equally exciting and nerve-racking. Like any first-timer, you’ll have questions that need answers — such as, how long are dogs pregnant, how do you care for a pregnant dog and what... more

The Pet Owner's Guide to Cat Pregnancy

Not sure what to expect now that your cat is going to be a mom? Here's everything you need to know about cat pregnancy, including how you should care for your furry friend and prepare for the birth. Is your cat going to be a mom? Congratulations! Now it... more

Use a Puppy Growth Chart to Determine Size

Using a puppy growth chart will show you how large you can expect your new puppy to grow.     Dogs come in many breeds in a wide range of different groups. According to the American Kennel Club, those groups are toy, herding, hound, sporting, terrier, working and non-sporting. Looking... more

The Stages of Kitten Development

What to expect when you're expecting a kitten: Here's an overview of the major milestones of kitten development!     Your heart probably melts every time you see your kitten's adorable fluff, tiny paws and big eyes. But it's hard not to worry about these helpless... more

Kitten Care Stages: Newborn to 72 Weeks

All about caring for your cat.     Kittens grow, develop and mature at an eye-popping (and, occasionally, ear-splitting) rate. At times, the changes can be seen from day to day, not just from week to week. Newborn kittens look about as much like full-grown cats as tadpoles look like... more

How to Care for Newborn Kittens

Have a litter of kittens at home? Here's how to care for them so they grow up to be healthy, happy cats. Newborn kittens are absolutely adorable. They're also a ton of work. So in between all the snuggle and playtime, there are certain things you'll want... more