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Aging pets

Cat Life Expectancy: 12 Tips to Help Your Pet Live a Long Life!

Here are 12 things you can do to help your cat age more gracefully! Do you sometimes wish that your kitty really did have nine lives? While your furry friend might not have those superpowers, there are a variety of things you can do to help her live a long... more


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i would like to change from seeker to provider - how do I make this change???



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What charities support eagle conservation?

January 10 is National Save the Eagles Day, and I want to participate. I know they are endangered, but we can make a difference, right? So what conservation charities do the most good? Which ones could I support and know they will make a difference?


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If you could be reincarnated as ANY animal, what would you be?

I ask because, a few years ago, I revealed the animal that I'd choose in my syndicated humor column It Is What It Is. Click the link below to read the full column on my website www.lisasugarman.com.I can't wait to hear which one you'd pick and why... more

What to Expect When You Own an Old Cat

Do you have a senior cat? Here are some common issues you should be aware of as your pet ages.     Did you know that domesticated cats age faster in their early years than they do as adults? The rate varies but in general, cats hit their senior years... more

Playtime Helps Kids Maintain Balance in Mind and Body

  Busy Lives Today our kids are busier than ever. Soccer practice, piano lessons, gymnastics, school, homework, baseball practice, voice lessons, tutoring time, computer time and the list goes on. There does not seem to be as much down time in this competitive world as there was back in the... more

This Dog Came Out Of Surgery Smiling and the Internet Loves It

Oscar the golden retriever gets Twitter fame for "saying cheese." Surgery can be ruff, but not for this brave and happy dog! Oscar, a Golden Retriever from Australia, underwent a successful surgery to remove tumors. His owner Sarah told BuzzFeed that she took a picture of Oscar all blissed out on sedatives, apparently... more

Courageous Cat Alerts Owners to Deadly Carbon Monoxide Fumes

The feline is being called a hero after notifying her owners of the odorless gas when a safety detector failed. It was a quiet evening in the Shanahan household. The kids were on the way out for the night and Kevin Shanahan along with his wife, Annette, were headed off to bed... more