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Every use zykene for dog anxiety?

Our vet recommended zylkene or prozac for our 6 year old mutt. Anyone have any feedback on either medication? I lean towards zylkene, as it's more 'natural' but feel weird medicating my dog! He has developed more anxiety over the past few years - very reactive to strangers/dogs walking by... more


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Hello,I have a pitbull for 3months she's 2yr old.She was fine when she got here to her new home,but for the past week she started to bald spot a lot and has been a lil bit agresive.She had her period over a month ago.Why she's acting like that?

Please help! She has been aggresive even when kids are around her while she is inside her cage...  I have given her baths with regular shampoo (might this be why?) but since she has been agresive it worries me. 

Worms in dogs: What are the types, symptoms and treatments

Your dog hasn't been behaving normally over the past few weeks. You talk to your dog walker or doggy day care about it, and they say that they've noticed a change in your dog's bathroom habits. You check in with your dog sitter after you get back from a trip, and... more

The Facts on Cat Fever

Cat fever is earmarked by several symptoms, but feeling hot to the touch isn't usually one of them. Here's how to figure if your cat has a fever and what to do. A fever isn't fun for anyone, including your cat. Complicating a cat fever is the... more

Sarcoma in Dogs: What You Need to Know

Sarcoma in dogs is rare, but can be very aggressive. Learn what to look for and hear from owners who've been there. It's hard to keep track of everything that could harm your beloved dog. Even when something is uncommon and almost unheard of, like sarcoma in dogs... more

Dog Seizures: 10 Ways to Prevent and Treat Them

If your dog is having seizures it can be scary for you and those who care for your dog. Read on to learn the best ways to handle them. Dog seizures are scary and unsettling. Seizures are complex and can't always be prevented. In most cases, the underlying cause... more

Dog bladder infection: 7 tips to help your pup

A dog bladder infection is fairly common. What's tough is that dogs can't tell you what they're feeling, so it can be a challenge to figure out what is happening with your furry friend. "Your dog will not complain or tell you if it burns to urinate... more

Puppy stages: A week-by-week guide to caring for a newborn puppy

There are few things more magical than watching a puppy grow. If you’re really in on all the action from day one, you’ll watch in awe as they open their eyes, carefully (and sometimes not so carefully) explore the environment around them with their nose and gradually grow into those... more