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Alzheimer’s and dementia care

What’s the difference between delirium and dementia?

When interning at a nursing home, I encountered a patient who was complaining that her medication was causing hallucinations.  But since that was not a publicized side effect of her medication, the medical staff thought that the hallucinations were caused by dementia or psychosis. Upon performing a deeper dive into the... more

7 ways to help someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia sleep better

Sleeping problems are common in people with Alzheimer’s disease (as well as other forms of dementia). Since those with Alzheimer’s and dementia sometimes lose awareness of the time of day, getting them to bed at night can become an exhausting roadblock for them and their caregivers. Other factors such as sundown syndrome and... more

Hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia in people with Alzheimer’s and dementia

People with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can be beset by hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. Sometimes, these distortions can be directly caused by changes to the brain, but they may also be due to eyesight or hearing problems, kidney or bladder infections or dehydration, or the side effects of medication. Delusions and paranoia due... more

5 ways to get someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia to eat

Eating is one of the most challenging activities of daily living for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. For caregivers, it can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one struggle to enjoy a meal. As a person’s cognitive ability declines, food often becomes overwhelming or unappealing. People with Alzheimer’s may have... more

Why I hired a comedian to visit my mother with Alzheimer’s

The most harrowing plane ride I’ve ever had was a trip from the East coast to the West coast last year. At one point I found myself kneeling on the floor in front of my mother looking deep in to her eyes telling her I loved her. It wasn’t turbulence... more


What to do???

I am facing a dilemma of whether to keep my Mom at home or put her in a facility.  She is 71 years old and was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.  I thought hiring a caretaker during the day would help to alleviate some of the issues we were having. I... more

A caregiver’s guide to dealing with dementia

If you’re dealing with dementia because your parent, spouse, sibling or care recipient has been diagnosed, it’s important to realize that many things will change over time, including the way that your loved one behaves, the way that the two of you interact and the way that she handles daily activities like eating and grooming. You’ll... more

Dementia and Guardianship

My client came to see me at her wits end about what to do about her father.  He was suffering from early Alzheimer’s disease, but would not accept help.  He ate irregularly and was losing weight.  He refused to give up driving, although he had gotten lost... more