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8 babysitting tips I learned the hard way (so you don’t have to)

I’ve been babysitting for several years now, and there have been many ups and downs. Sometimes situations come up that you never would think to prepare for, like losing the key to their house (oops!) or being bored out of your mind. Here are some babysitting tips I’ve learned the... more

Babysitting tips: How to start conversations with kids

My friends who don’t babysit or who aren’t used to spending time with children often struggle to grasp how I manage as a sitter. Their questions often make me laugh — like, “Ew, do you have to change diapers?” when it’s a 6-year-old I’m going to watch, or “You... more

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Got child care experience? Here are 7 great careers, plus tips for getting ahead

Caring for kids can be a rewarding and fun job, and — because you’re ambitious — you might naturally start to wonder: Where can I go with this? The good news is, with child care experience, there are several different career paths you could follow — and you get to... more

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The right way to test out a new babysitter

So you’ve found a sitter who looks great on paper and aced your interview questions. Now the big question: How will they interact with your children?   One of the best ways to see how a new babysitter will handle your children — and how your children will respond to... more

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The first-day checklist for when you have a first-time babysitter

For most parents, your children’s needs are second nature. You know exactly what color cup your toddler likes to use when drinking milk and that your 8-year-old still likes to sleep with a light on. But when you invite a new caregiver into your home, they of course aren’t going... more

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11 things every first-time babysitter needs to know

My friend Stephanie, who now lives in Sydney, Australia, once went to a babysitting job not realizing she’d have to accompany the little girl to the bathroom every time she went. “The parents were already out the door,” Stephanie says. “She explained in her sweet little voice that she... more

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How to become a babysitter and land your first job

Back when I was a preteen, I started babysitting by watching my younger cousins so my aunt and uncle could enjoy a few much-needed date nights. Eventually, I became hopeful for regular work and I took a shot in the dark, making some flyers about my babysitting service and putting... more

On the Park Bench: This babysitter sets her sights on helping future generations

As many sitters know, being the weekend babysitter can be a bit like being the special guest on a long-running show: You show up, smile, do your best… and you hope everyone likes you. More than anything, you hope to make a positive — even if it’s small — impression... more