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Dog walking

How much do dog walkers make? All the factors to consider

If you’re planning a career in dog walking — because dogs are totally your spirit animal — there may be only one thing stopping you from making the leap: money. How much do dog walkers make? What you’ll earn as a dog walker varies, depending on where you live, how... more

Want to become a dog walker? Follow these expert steps on how to do it

You love dogs. Given the choice between dogs or humans, it’s dogs every time. You find joy walking them, spending time with them and caring for them. If this is an accurate description of you, you may be considering becoming a dog walker so you can do what you love most... more


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Do you let people pet the dogs you're walking?

The owners said that their dogs are really friendly and they stop to let people pet them all the time when they're walking. The dogs definitely are friendly, but I feel like it's maybe unprofessional of a dog walker to stop and talk to people, and also I... more


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Can I get some assistance?

Hello all! I am currently looking to switch careers from insurance to animals. I am new at all of this, but I love animals and feel like this is the best type of industry for me. I have had animals since I can remember (dogs, cats, fish, birds), but I... more

Best Trails for Dog Walks by State

Find your next favorite walking spot with this handy guide of the top dog-friendly hike and bike trails by state. Like me, my pup can get a little restless. After a long winter of quick walks and cold paws, there’s nothing quite like stretching our legs and heading out on... more

The 101 best dog quotes

Being a dog owner often means so much more than just being responsible for a pet. Dogs are our best friends and our guides. For so many of us, they’re our first children or the only ones we’ll ever have. They spend so much time studying our habits and loving... more


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"Hot Tip" what do I do with it?

I am new using the Care.com app. I was just emailed a "hot lead" info and I am not sure what my next step is (I know what I would do in my business) but I am not sure if there is a protocol establish by Care.com?


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Do you pick up your puppy when he gets tired?

Oliver is getting better about going out for walks, but the other day I took him too far down the street and I could tell he was tired. I picked him up, which was fine except I felt like everyone we passed was laughing at us!