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Difficult Conversations with Kids

How to Explain Divorce to Kids

If your family is splitting up, a friend's parents are separating or a celebrity divorce hits the news, here are 12 tips for talking to kids about it. Jeanne Ward, of Annapolis, Md., remembers when she and her husband sat down with their daughters to tell them they were... more

Is the Tooth Fairy Real?

6 tips for talking to children about the Tooth Fairy and keeping the magic alive.     The Tooth Fairy: one of the most enchanting figures of modern American mythology. As your child -- or the child you nanny or babysit for -- grows and starts to loose teeth, this magical, gift-giving... more

"Is Santa Real?" How to Handle the Santa Question Like a Pro

If your child asks, "Is Santa real," don’t panic. Check out our list of helpful tips for how to handle this conversation for every age group. It was a day just like any other. You're sitting in the usual after-school car line (accompanied by the usual suspects of parents... more

How to Explain Martin Luther King Jr. Day to Your Kids

Here are some age-appropriate ways to help young children honor and learn about the civil rights leader. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is gone, and with a fresh year just beginning, this is an opportune time to help children set a respectful and kind tone for the... more

10 Ways to Prepare Kids for a New Babysitter or Nanny

Ease the stress of leaving your children in the care of a new nanny or babysitter. Leaving children with a new babysitter or nanny can be stressful for parents, but it's also a big deal for kids. They don't know what to expect. Will the mean ole lady... more

How My Ex and I Show Our Kids What Healthy Co-Parenting Looks Like

We weren’t able to show them what a healthy marriage looked like, but we’re doing great at this co-parenting thing. When my children were 9 and 11, they received the news that no child wants to hear: Mom and dad were getting divorced. I won’t sugar coat it. The conversation... more

7 Tips for Talking to Kids about Sexual Abuse

Don't be afraid or embarassed to talk to your kids about this important issue.     The topic hits the news and you shudder. Nausea sinks into your stomach. Another sexual abuse scandal has been revealed. "Please never let this happen to my children," you think. But here's... more

Helping Kids Deal with the Loss of a Pet

What to do when a pet dies. Losing a pet can impact the entire family, but it can be particularly traumatic for children because it's usually their first encounter with loss and death.  As parents, we can feel overwhelmed and helpless knowing that we cannot shield our kids... more