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Your 7 Options for Summer Child Care

Explore ways to occupy your kids' time this summer, when one type of care just won't do the trick. You're in a dilemma. The kids are out of school and you need to fill their time -- somehow. Whether you're just looking for a break to run errands... more

8 Ways to Find Child Care on Vacation

Get kid-free time during your trip by hiring a babysitter or exploring other care solutions.     Family vacations are great for bonding with loved ones as you get away from your normal routines. But a family vacation can sometimes feel like no vacation at all for parents chasing after... more

The Essential Beach Packing List for Family Vacation Fun

The beach and your family's best vacation ever is calling! Don't head out the door without these 10 beach packing list essentials.Is anything more blissful than a sun-drenched family beach vacation? Well, kinda, if you don't pack the right stuff. Lugging along too-heavy gear you won... more

Summer Safety Tips: A Guide to Protecting Kids When Activities Heat Up

How to create a summer survival kit and make sure your kids stay as safe as possible this summer. Longer days, lighter nights and more worrying. Yup, it's summer. And before your kids race out the door, you're doing all you can to protect them from sun, bugs... more

Indiana Toddler's Death Possibly Linked to Tick Bite

The family urges caregivers to be informed about the dangers ticks present and how to protect children during outdoor activities. Ticks are making headlines this summer, and for good reason. Parents -- as well as babysitters, nannies, and any other child care professionals -- are being cautioned to pay extra attention to children... more

8 Tips for Finding a Summer Nanny

Hire the perfect nanny to watch your wee ones during summer vacation. Although kids are on vacation for the summer, you, unfortunately, are not. Who takes care of your children when school is out, but you still have to work? Finding a summer camp may work, but if you want... more

Should You Bring Your Nanny on Vacation?

Look at the pros and cons of traveling with your babysitter. When Lynn Singer and her husband of Armonk, N.Y. travel with their three school-age kids, there's one essential aspect to a successful trip: They bring along their live-in nanny. "Having an extra pair of hands just makes... more

How to Interview a Summer Sitter

7 things to discuss when hiring summer child care. Hiring a summer sitter requires a different approach than that taken during the school year. Because your children’s schedules will be less structured during the summer (and will involve warm-weather activities), you’ll want to be thoughtful about the type of sitter... more