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Interviewing for child care jobs

What questions should you ask your nanny or babysitter during your phone screening or in-person interview? Our insiders and real moms give you advice on the right questions to get the answers that will help you make a decision.


6 answers

Red Flags from Parents?

For those of you who are like me, being flexible and easy-going can sometimes put us in a bit of a troubling situation. From experience, I've learned to spot red flags that could save you from working with flakey parents! Here is a small list of not-so-great behaviors that... more

Babysitter resumes: What information should you include?

The goal of your resume is to make it easier for parents to hire you. No matter how many times you babysat in the past, your resume is often the first thing that prospective employers will see when deciding whether to hire you for their babysitting job. This is your opportunity to highlight the... more


37 answers

Is it okay to quit my nanny job?

I am a college student home for the summer and I work as a nanny for two children, ages 4 and 5. I nannied last summer and have babysat since I was 12 or 13, and was used to working 9-5 pm. With this job, I am expected to work 8-6... more


32 answers

What kind of interview questions should I ask a prospective tutor?

I'm looking for advice on hiring a tutor to help boost my kindergartner's reading skills. I know I want them to be fun, engaging and have early childhood education experience, but what kind of situational questions should I ask? What unspoken qualities should I look for? 

How to build a powerful network to help land your ideal nanny job

You wouldn’t think of taking a child to the playground without packing up a diaper bag or lunch box containing the basic essentials, would you? Imagine waiting until your charge was hungry or needed a diaper change and then running around the playground in a mad scramble to find someone... more

6 interview questions every nanny should prepare to answer

Ah, the dreaded job interview. Regardless of the job you’re applying for, it’s pretty uncomfortable being in the hot seat, knowing that one wobbly answer could knock you out of the running. The trick, of course, is making that answer less wobbly. Being prepared for tough questions will help with... more

How to find, interview for and land a nanny share job

The benefits of working in a nanny share are clear: You can earn more caring for multiple families without necessarily having to increase your hours. But finding a nanny share that works for you and everyone involved is often not as straightforward. To start, nanny shares involve at least three... more

How to guides

How to Interview for Child Care Jobs

Here are our tips for how to prepare for a child care job interview. No matter whether you're a seasoned nanny, a veteran mother's helper, or a babysitter who's just starting out, parents will have a lot of questions when you apply to their job. And, as... more