How to get housekeeping jobs

How much should you charge for housekeeping services?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new housekeeper is how much you charge for your services. But picking a price point can be tricky. You want to make your rates competitive while still making enough to cover your labor, materials and overhead costs. There’s no magic... more

The 10 most common mistakes made on

At, we know that the process of finding the perfect nanny — or the perfect nanny job — can be a little overwhelming. So, we want to make it as simple for you as possible. As more and more people turn to our site for help, we want... more

How to start a successful cleaning business

In this article, you'll find tips for starting a housecleaning business, including: Do your research and establish a solid business plan. Name your company and apply for a business license. Decide how many employees you will have, their job requirements, what you will pay, and what your benefits will be... more

7 common tax questions housekeepers have

Cleaning is tough work and, when you're a housekeeper, no one day is the same as the next. When you do something as varied as cleaning houses, even your set rates can change with each job. And when you throw in filing for taxes or charging a tax on... more

6 Things Housekeepers Should Never Do

Here's what not to do during your housekeeping job. If there is one thing we’re all territorial about, it’s our homes! Housekeepers should understand this fact better than most. If you’re a housekeeper, maintain your client’s trust and build your clientele by steering clear of these 6 housekeeping faux... more

Housekeeping Job Satisfaction and Success

It is important to make sure that your job meets your needs, as well as those of your employer. Now that you've been hired as a housekeeper, you'll want to pay extra-close attention the first few times you clean to make sure you're meeting your employer's expectations... more

Here Are Your Housekeeping Job Options

Here's how you can find the right type of housekeeping job for you. You're a hardworking, honest, and reliable worker. You find satisfaction in cleaning and organizing homes and you enjoy having concrete tasks to perform that make other people happy. Does this sound like you? Then housekeeping... more

How Much Should You Charge for Housekeeping?

Here are the factors that you should take into account when setting your pay rates as a housekeeper. Now that you've decided to look into work as a house cleaner, you’re probably wondering how much house cleaners actually make.’s House Cleaning Cost Calculator can help you determine... more