How to get housekeeping jobs

How much should you charge for housekeeping services?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new housekeeper is how much you charge for your services. But picking a price point can be tricky. You want to make your rates competitive while still making enough to cover your labor, materials and overhead costs. There’s no magic... more

9 Things Families Notice About Your Profile

There’s no question that the competition is tough for finding a caregiving job. There may be lots of great candidates in your area. So how do you make your profile really stand out? Potential employers are busy and you want their quick scan of your qualifications to entice... more

Make the most of your profile to land a top job

Your profile is up and now you're waiting for some action. When you're looking for a child care job online, your profile is your first chance to make an impression—so make it count. If you're struggling to land your next care job, take control of your success... more

6 ways housekeepers can make more money

Once you've established yourself as a housekeeper, it's time to grow your business and increase revenue. Delores Garcia*, who owns a housecleaning company in Las Vegas, and Tammy Wright, a Denver, Colo., housekeeper, share their suggestions for helping your business thrive. 1. Sweat the details Garcia's clients love... more


Want to win over new customers?

  Did you know that customer reviews are the most effective social tactic for driving sales?* Good news - it's easy to generate customer reviews on We offer you valuable tools to maximize your online presence, including: Review Cards: Print and hand out these cards to your customers... more

7 common tax questions housekeepers have

Cleaning is tough work and, when you're a housekeeper, no one day is the same as the next. When you do something as varied as cleaning houses, even your set rates can change with each job. And when you throw in filing for taxes or charging a tax on... more

9 Crazy Tricks for Finding a Job

Sometimes you have to think outside the box if you want to land the nanny, babysitter, housekeeper or other caregiver job of your dreams. Finding a great caregiving job -- whether you're a nanny, sitter, senior care aide, housekeeper, pet sitter, etc. -- can be tough. Many people take the same... more

6 Summer Jobs That Fit Your Schedule

Summer jobs come in all shapes and sizes — and it's easy to find one that fits your lifestyle. When New York City-based Meg Hagar thinks back on all her summer jobs, she loved working at the New York Renaissance Faire: "The work was fun and it didn't... more