Senior safety


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How do you Check in on your aging family and friends?

I have a single parent, living alone, who I could easily go a week without checking in on. To take care of my anxiety around whether or not she's okay, and avoid calling every single day to check in, I'm setting up a service that will send her a text... more


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What do you do if your nanny falls asleep on the job?

I work from home once a week and today I heard my 4 month old crying loudly for a while (5-10 minutes). When I checked to see if everything was okay, the nanny had dozed off on the couch and didn't wake up to her cries. She apologized and... more


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Should I fly with my mother out to my sister’s house?

I was planning on letting my other fly alone. I am worried I should travel with her to make sure she is safe. 

Activities of daily living: What are they and how are they used?

Deciding when and what kind of additional care might be needed for a loved one can be tough for many families. Independence is a hard thing to gauge, and decline isn’t always apparent. The six activities of daily living (ADLs) and the eight instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) can... more

A caregiver’s guide to dealing with dementia

If you’re dealing with dementia because your parent, spouse, sibling or care recipient has been diagnosed, it’s important to realize that many things will change over time, including the way that your loved one behaves, the way that the two of you interact and the way that she handles daily activities like eating and grooming. You’ll... more


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How do you know if your mother is suffering from old age or something else that effects their memory?

Lately my mother seems more forgetful than normal. How do I know if this is normal for old age or if it is something more?


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Should I sell my mothers car?

My mothers car sit in her garage. She never uses it anymore. Should I encourage her to sell it? 


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How can I help keep my mother safe during the winter?

I worry about my mother falling when she walks out to get the mail. She refuses to wait for me because she said picking up her mail is one of the highlights on her day. How can I keep her safe?