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The 13 Best Places in Chicago for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Celebrate your little one’s big day with a unique party you’ll both remember for years to come. Cake and ice cream are birthday party essentials, but is that all you need to make the day memorable? Why stop there when your son or daughter could ring in the next year... more

The Top 20 Sports for Kids

Kids need to move -- it's good for their health and your sanity. Organized sports -- like baseball or volleyball -- help kids channel all their energy while getting healthy and learning teamwork skills. Getting involved in sports activities for kids will strengthen them physically and mentally. Besides providing a fun and... more

The 5 Best Indoor Mini Golf Courses Around Chicago

Find out where to take the whole family miniature golfing year-round. We can’t deny that mini golf is a classic summer tradition, but sometimes the weather just won’t allow for it. If your family is determined to get a hole-in-one, these all-season, indoor miniature golf courses in the Chicagoland area... more

The 5 Best Indoor Mini Golf Courses Near Boston

These fun-filled courses provide the perfect activity for hot days and rainy evenings.  Mini golf is a classic childhood activity. Long before little ones can tee off on the big green, families can enjoy a day of fun putting around a mini golf course. But in Boston, mini golf... more

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Why Kids Need Exercise

These are the 11 most important physical and psychological benefits that kids get from engaging in regular exercise. It's not a newsflash that kids need exercise in their lives. In fact, we're all probably pretty aware of the fact that increased physical activity helps children build healthy bodies... more


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What are some good Sunday Funday snacks?

I am hosting Sunday Funday at my house this weekend to watch football.  I'm wondering what snacks I can make that will be enjoyed by both children and adults. Thanks!

The 5 Best Indoor Mini Golf Courses in Denver

Check out these mini golf places that are so cool the kids will forget they're not outside. While Denver is known for its amazing weather almost year-round, there are some days when rain or snow can put a damper on outdoor activities. When that happens, we all know the... more

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Fun Indoor Exercises for Preschoolers (3-5 Years Old)

Care.com has worked with a variety of experts to find the perfect exercises and activities for kids based on their age group. Read below to discover new ways that you  -- and your babysitter or nanny -- can keep the kiddos entertained and healthy. Then, tell us your favorite exercises... more