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Stress Management

6 mistakes I made my first year as a mom — which you can avoid

The journey of becoming a new parent is as beautiful and joyous as it is messy and exhausting. Most of all, it’s a learning experience. My son, Oscar, will be turning 1 in just under a month, and as we inch closer to this milestone, I’ve been reflecting back a... more

Stress Management for Seniors

It is important to take charge of stress management for your aging loved one. Stress can still resonate within seniors even if they are retired and do not have to worry about day-to-day job duties. The reason for the stress may include their lack of control over their well being... more



I take life one day at a time. Meditation is key to understanding the footsteps that you have taken that day. Just 10-15 min in a quiet place,or just tune everything out wherever you are (still be mindful), and deeply reflect. You'd be surprised the mini revelations you... more

Senior Stress and Health

Stress does more than put us in a bad mood — it can also put us in bad health overall, especially as we age. If you think your stress is a problem that does nothing more than affect your state of mind, think again. Check out the guide below (created by... more

A Revolutionary Resolution!

This story is an excerpt from the Mother Matters blog. To receive the blog for free in your Inbox once a month (no spam--ever!) simply sign up with your email address here.   Well, Mamas, 2018 is upon us. Typically a time for countdowns and confetti, as we embark on... more


Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your Relationship- for Your Children

One of the biggest mistakes that some parents can make, in my opinion, is neglecting their relationship. When children come into the mix, so many of us put our relationship on the backburner, thinking it’s in the best interest of the kids. Not only does this put strain on your... more

How to Be a More Present Mom

Multitasking comes with the territory of parenting - especially in 2016. Some distractions are necessary and we obviously have a lot of our plates raising tiny humans. But, the more I try to multitask while I'm with my daughter LG, the more stressed I feel and the less fun we have. Here... more

ATTENTION PARENTS! Want to learn how to untie all that parent anxiety???

Well now you can with my new book series, Untying Parent Anxiety: 18 Myths That Have You in Knots—And How to Get Free. Hitting bookstores everywhere on March 7, 2017, Untying Parent Anxiety is a funny, insightful, practical reminder that parenthood equals stress. But with the right state of mind... more