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Where can I find people to help me at a party?

Has anyone hired a few people to help at gatherings and such? I have a rather large and important party in October and I will need help getting food out and setting up. Someone to keep drinks cold, food hot and everything flowing smooth. I know I may need 3... more


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Sunglass suggestion

Need 99% UV protected sunglasses to protect my eyes this summer, but at an affordable price. My friend suggested me Wholesale Designer Sunglasses distributors selling sunglasses in bulk having an affordable and trendy collection. Should I go for this, please suggest me.


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Do you know the difference between Hospice and Palliative care?

Every Care Aide can benefit from understanding basics about related aspects of professional care giving such as hospice care and palliative care.  Maybe someday you might like to step up your career by specializing in one of these ares?  Check out this link to a good article found on the ElderCareAdvice... more


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What are some of your favorite activities during this time of year?

Individuals and families have all sorts of unique traditions and practices during this festive time of you.  What makes you and yours special?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hire a Housekeeper

I'm terrible at cleaning. My place is a mess. I admit it. I try to clean—I really do. But I'm busy, and I’m rarely home, and I lose track of time, and... and... I can come up with any number of excuses, but all that matters is that... more

4 Healthy Valentine’s Day Theme Parties for School (& Home!)

Written by and reposted from School Bites  Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite hol­i­days, and not because of choco­late, roses and roman­tic din­ners (let’s face it, I have three young kids…so not hap­pen­ing!). I’m actu­ally in love with the food! Pink, red and heart shapes lend them­selves to fab­u­lously fun... more

“I hate my husband”

What would you say if a close friend of yours told you, “I hate my husband”? I have several friends who, like me, have been married less than 5 years, and I’ll admit that we do complain about our husbands from time to time. Normally these are just little, everyday... more

Running is a metaphor for life

I run. I run a lot. Less than some but more than others. And while I’ve accumulated my share of race bibs on our garage wall over the years, I’m by no means an elite runner. I’m just a soccer mom who’s grown to love everything about the sport.Why do I... more