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Heather Nauert’s withdrawal from consideration as UN Ambassador is an important lesson for families

On Feb. 16, Heather Nauert, a potential nominee for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, took herself out of consideration for the esteemed position. The reason? According to the Washington Post, CNN and Bloomberg, a background check revealed that the Nauert’s nanny of 10 years was not only ineligible... more

What Does a Live-In Nanny Cost?

Learn what the rate for a live-in nanny is and if you can afford it. The answers may surprise you. Many families think that hiring a live-in nanny is out of the question. After all, having someone live in your house is bound to be more expensive than having a nanny... more

7 common tax questions housekeepers have

Cleaning is tough work and, when you're a housekeeper, no one day is the same as the next. When you do something as varied as cleaning houses, even your set rates can change with each job. And when you throw in filing for taxes or charging a tax on... more

11 Exit Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

Learn why your employees are leaving. You’re going to lose employees every now and then -- that much is a given. But don’t let their departures be in vain. Make your exit interviews into something more than a chance to communicate information about benefits and other off-boarding matters. Simply going through... more


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Is there a way to claim taxes on a nanny who has quit working for you?

My nanny quit without notice after letting her know we would need to file taxes. She won't answer my calls. Is there a way to claim the care on taxes without her social?


Time tracking on Care.com: Here’s how it works:

Paying a caregiver via Care.com is now easier than ever. Start by filling out your caregiver’s schedule and letting us know their first day of work. Next, tell us how often you’d like to pay your caregiver (weekly or bi-weekly) and how you’d like to pay them—credit, cash or... more

Your Family's Tax Refund Could Be Delayed Until Feb.15 -- Here's Why

A new tax fraud law means that millions of families across the U.S. could have their annual returns delayed. For many Americans, tax refunds can be a lifeline. But a new law could make it take longer for your refund to hit your bank account.  Thanks to this... more

The Nanny Tax: A Little-Known Tax With Very Real Consequences -- Just Ask These Politicians

Fact: Anyone who's ever employed a caregiver is expected to pay "nanny tax." Here's how you can get on that ASAP. President Donald Trump's cabinet pick for White House budget director owed more that $15,000 in state and federal unemployment taxes after hiring a babysitter for his triplets... more